team male

This team has some of the best male elite runners in Australia! They have the talent, the courage and the passion to take on such a big task for a worthy cause.

The Record

And the male team delivered in style! The crowd was in absolute awe of these fantastic athletes running at uber fast pace, making switching at 18km/h look like the easiest thing to do! Running over 10 marathons back to back to back (almost a marathon each!) the 12 runners set the records to a mindblowing distance of 424.63km!

  • Jeff Hunt

    Jeff holds the record for the 11th fastest marathon in Australian all-time history, with a time of 2:11:00. He represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games, World Championships and Olympic Games. @jeffreyhunt82

  • Ben St Lawrence

    Two times Olympian on the 10,000 meters, and current Australian record holder for the 10,000, Ben is the head coach at Runcrew @bennysaint

  • Martin Dent

    Marathoner who ran for Australia at the 2012 Olympics, the last three Commonwealth Games and numerous world championships. Now trying to master orienteering@martydent

  • Dani Andres

    Endurance runner, cyclist and triathlete, Dani is the head coach and the inspiring driving force and pure grit man behind Pulse Performance

  • David Criniti

    David Criniti has loved to run long for a long time, & knows the benefits of running lie far beyond putting one foot in front of the other

  • Brendan Davies

    2016 Australian Ultra Runner of the Year, Brendan is an incredibly fast all terrain runner and an inspiring friend and coach at Upcoaching @brendan_davies

  • Matthew Cox

    Local distance runner who races anything from 5k to a Marathon. Recently placed 3rd in the Australian Marathon Championships. Runs for Brooks

  • Luke Schofield

    Developed and training with Pulse Performance since 10 years old, Luke is a national level athlete in cross country, athletics and triathlon ready to take this ability onto the treadmill for one of his biggest challenges yet

  • Jayden Schofield

    Also a Pulse Performance athlete since the tender age of 10, Jayden, now 18, is a national level cross country runner, triathlete, and track runner who loves adventure, challenge and chasing down his twin brother Luke.

  • Tim Watts

    Tim is a keen talented long distance runner with the Pulse Performance squad and a full-time teacher in Sydney. Tim clocked a PB of 2:48 for the Melbourne Marathon and is always looking for a challenge!

  • Jason Ibrahim

    Accomplished triathlete and runner, Jason is always ready to step out his comfort zone and push boundaries to inspire others and raise funds for a good cause

  • Andrew Heyden

    7 times representing Australia in the 100km road championship, Andy must be the runner with the biggest smile around, no matter the distance or pace!

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