team solo

Meet the mastermind behind this running extravaganza! Luca, founder of OUTRUN CANCER, has a penchant for endurance running and slightly crazy challenges.
Luca is a strong advocate of cancer prevention through healthy lifestyle. He has found his true purpose combining his love for running and raising funds to support cancer related charities.

On race day, tune in to the video live stream or come down to the Fitness Show to cheer Luca on

Luca Turrini

This challenge is going to be incredibly tough, physically and mentally. But I know that after 24 hours I will stop and feel immediately better. My pain is short-lived.


The Record

261.18km, this is the distance Luca managed to run in 24 hours on a treadmill setting a new World Record. During an intense race against the clock, with many ups and downs, Luca showed an incredible determination, resilience and mental toughness to endure the physical and mental pain of the challenge. In extremely hot conditions, Luca battled chafing, cramps and his own internal deamons to deliver a nearly perfect race and achieve the record distance with 3 minutes to spare! Read the race report and watch the documentary of his achievement.

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