We are committed to never giving up – however big the challenge may be

Our Story

We have been running and fundraising for cancer prevention research since 2011. But with hundreds of amazing charity events in Australia, you will probably like to know what’s different about us.

There’s a personal story behind

Sadly it all started from a family loss to pancreatic cancer so spreading the message about cancer prevention and making a dent in the war against cancer is something deeply close to our hearts.

The money we raise goes to fund

Specific cancer prevention projects that align with our beliefs – it doesn’t all end up in ‘the big bucket’. See examples of projects and campaigns you helped come to life with your contribution.

We give people a chance to do more than just running or make a donation

If fundraising for cancer prevention is your thing, why not join our team of corporate champions? It’s easy, fun and makes you super popular at work.


What we want

To live in a community based on the shared act of empowering responsibility of individuals, corporates and institutions, where no one has to suffer because of a preventable cancer.


What we plan

Going the whole distance, by putting a step in front of the other, with determination, grit, perseverance and compassionate empathy for all those we seek to serve.


What we achieved

Research, awareness, advocacy and education programs focused on increased physical activity, healthier diet and nutrition to prevent cancer.


and never ever ever give up


Together we keep moving forward, one step at the time, no matter how hard it may be. We have started this race and we won’t stop until we outrun cancer.


Prevention is the most cost-effective, sustainable long term strategy to reduce the human and financial burden of cancer.


We refuse to believe that cancer is something totally beyond our control. By taking responsibility for our own actions and lifestyle choices we hope to inspire more people to make a change.

Feeling inspired?
Join the movement and register your own challenge at Outrun Cancer Day on March 13
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