A behind-the-scene look at OUTRUN CANCER progress

Admittedly, I am not the most regular of bloggers. In fact, I don’t think I belong to the category at all!

I do a lot of work behind the scenes without sharing it with anyone. I think that it cannot be of interest to anyone. Then, when I talk to friends and explain what I spend my days doing, the little discoveries and break throughs I have on a weekly basis, I get quite the opposite reaction.
Hence my “behind-the-scene” blog post, to share my journey, thoughts, ideas and OUTRUN CANCER direction. Useful and constructive feedback welcome too!

For the last six weeks I have been working on my product offering. That is, what OUTRUN CANCER will sell to generate an income so I can continue to do what I love and raise money for the cause I believe in.

OUTRUN CANCER products will be sponsorship packages for companies, delivering brand visibility and staff engagement through their participating to the Corporate Treadmill Marathon and personalised training programs to get them in shape for it!

Last week I completed the first draft of the brochure for the sponsors, the walking pitch if you want. The intent is for the brochure to talk the reader through the story, the mission, and the vision of OUTRUN CANCER, and the facts, opportunities and benefits of becoming a sponsor of the CORPORATE MARATHON. After about a week of work and nine reviews (myself, Lidia and a copywriter), I got the copy down to a level I am happy to present. This Sunday, I will work with AZ (our brand expert and graphic designer… not to mention a fellow runner and friend that is helping me tons) to give it the million dollar look.
On Monday, I will road test it. I will present it to potential sponsors. Get some real feedback so I can tweak the brochure and products as necessary.

Why do I care mentioning products & brochures? Because I learned two important things from the experience.
Firstly, ask experts for help! Especially on a reduced budget, you think you can do most of the stuff yourself and that “it won’t take that long” and “the outcome will be good enough”. Both assumptions are wrong, big time. It was very important for me to go through the process of creating a brochure by myself, and put all my best effort but the result was mediocre. And mediocre is not good enough. I sat with an expert for an hour and not only he improved it immensely, but I had the opportunity to learn tons from just watching and asking questions.

Secondly, test your ideas. Don’t wait until everything is perfect, when you have “everything ready”. Share the idea, the product, the vision with everyone, even if it is at early stages. What’s the point in spending money and energy developing something that the companies and people you are targeting may not want? Things can be adjusted as you go along, be honest and open on what you do. That’s why I will start talking to potential sponsors next week. I want to get my idea out and then adapt.

I have also been working on the design of the new OUTRUN CANCER website. Until now, the OUTRUN CANCER website was used just as a blog. The new website will be much more. It will be divided in 4 main sections: OUTRUN CANCER CORPORATE MARATHON, OTHER OUTRUN CANCER CHALLENGES, CANCER PREVENTION, and BLOG.
I’ve created some mock-up pages and started to create a functional spec. But the best thing I’ve done was “mind mapping” the idea.
Mind-mapping is the term to define the process of putting ideas and tasks into a visual form on a diagram. A brain-dump as I like to call it. I love the process! And what I love the most is that there are plenty of free tools available to do this. I use Xmind and I am addicted. I’m mind mapping everything I do! I even have a mind map of the next challenges I would like to take on and why… but I better not to share this or I’ll risk being locked up in a mental institution!

That’s all folks!
Run free!

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