Changing direction

It’s done!
Last Thursday was my last day working at Macquarie Bank. My contract ended after over four years. I was offered an opportunity to apply to work on a interesting project but I turned it down. I have not looked for other IT jobs and I have not contacted my favourite friends, recruitment agencies.

No, I didn’t win the lottery. Lidia has not made her first million of profit (yet).
I am taking a few months “off” to concentrate my energies and time on OUTRUN CANCER.

For the type of person I am, or I was, I am taking a big gamble here. A true leap of faith if you want. But I have that gut feeling that it’s the right thing to do.
You know what I am talking about, right? That feeling and realization that you have have been working towards something (mostly unconsciously) for so long and you simply have to do it. Despite what the little voice inside you says.

One of my favourite quotes that sooner or later I will get tattooed says: “Everyone, every moment in your life is there because you attracted to yourself [R. Bach].”
I look back at my life, and this phrase has always held true.

Looking at the past two years, this decision was the inevitable progression. My mindset, lifestyle, priorities and perspective have shifted radically and now I have just taken responsibility of what I really enjoy doing, running and fundraise for a cause I believe in and I want to learn more about.
For the last couple of years I invested more time, money and energy in being prepared for this step than in anything else in my life. All other stuff, a nicer car, buying a house, a higher payed job and free time, moved to the background. A nice thing to have, not a necessity anymore.

A friend of mine suggested that I may be in the middle of an early middle life crisis! Maybe.. but I actually think I am onto something quite remarkable here. I have the opportunity to follow my passion and I have proof that my model can work if I dedicate enough time to it. Others have done it before. Look at the guys behind “Tour de cure” or “Movember”, I’m sure it all started small, from an idea and passion for a cause.

So, what is my grand-plan exactly?
If Bill Gates vision was “for a computer in every desk, in every home”, I would say that mine could well be for a “OUTRUNCANCER CORPORATE MARATHON in every major city of the world”! Too ambitious? : ) Well, let’s start from home and see where that takes us!

My goal for the next few months is to build the momentum and the tools I need to take the OUTRUNCANCER CORPORATE MARATHON nationally from 2014.
I need to build a scalable platform that I can use to manage the actual events, attracts sponsors and supporters and I can use to get experts to talk about cancer prevention.
I need partnerships with cancer research institute and charities so that the funds raised by the CORPORATE MARATHON go to cancer PREVENTION specific research programs.
And I need to define a business model and a product catalog so I can pay myself a salary too!

When I say “platform” I mean a website and when I say “momentum” I mean building a marketing campaign. These two babies will require a substantial investment of money that I cannot really take out of my pocket if I am also working full time for free on the project.
So the plan is to start a crowd-funding campaign, asking people to help with the initial material costs.

This is the way crowd-funding works:

  • you set a target amount of money you need for your project.
  • People can pledge a $ amount in exchange of a reward.
  • If, and only if, you reach your target amount, transactions happen.
  • The projects gets the funds and the person pledging get the rewards.

I have not worked out the full strategy yet, this is only my first day in the office after all!

I’m excited and positive for this next chapter of my life.
I’m sure that my mother would be proud I am giving it a try.

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