I survived the first month!

They say time flies when you are having good time… I must have had fantastic time in the last month, without even realising it!!

Admittedly I had fun. Since my last post I have been up to all sort of things, running and not.

On the running side, I had some ups and some downs.
On the up side, my injury at the gluteus has improved, and I am now back into a more regular training schedule. I can go for longer runs and short adventures in the mountains and trails.
The post picture is of Olly, Jacob and I on top of Mount Solitary in the Blue Mountains. Curtesy of the other mountain goat, Brad!

On the down side, the improvement was not enough for me to be the start line of the Oxfam Trailwalker 100km last weekend. Our team pulled out from the race three weeks ago, as both Jacob and I could not commit to the distance due to injury. A real pity because Olly and Michael, the other Oxfam team members, were training very well and we could have improved from last year time. Oh well, I have now learnt that sometimes you just have to take a step back before you can take two steps forwards. And looking at my commitments for the rest of the year and next year, 100% recovery is paramount.

For OUTRUN CANCER it was a huge first month.
Admittedly the first couple of weeks I was overwhelmed by lack of clarity and by the amount of things to do. Now at least, the first item is gone. I know exactly what I want to achieve and have a rough plan on how to get there. I’m sure the plan will change and evolve with the weeks and months but for now I am as clear as I need to be at this stage.

So, what have I achieved this month?

A new logo and branding guidelines for OUTRUN CANCER. The intention for the logo is to be bold, to the point, with a sense of forward movement. The focus is on “OUTRUN”, meaning progression, doing something, action. “CANCER” is trailing behind. The boldness is also expressed in the colours used, bright and strong.
I love it, and the set of fonts that goes with it really gives it a sense of action. Hopefully I can get this current website to adopt the new brand or I will simply implement it on the new one.

Product development:
The intention is for the OUTRUN CANCER CORPORATE MARATHON to continue to be the charity fundraising event, not my core business. I drafted different level of sponsorship packages for companies, including partnership, brand visibility on the new OUTRUN CANCER website, merchandise and campaign, entries for the CORPORATE MARATHON for employees and clients, training programs and access to motivational speakers. I will not be delivering the training programs and public speaking myself, I am teaming up with certified running coaches and presenters with engaging and inspiring stories to share!

Pozible Campaign:
Pozible is a crowd-sourcing platform, designed to help people raising funds from the public to implement their ideas. I’ll be using the platform to raise the money necessary to create a new website and marketing campaign necessary to take the OUTRUN CANCER CORPORATE MARATHON national. For the campaign I created a tons of copy to explain what I am trying to do, a brochure and a set of rewards for all supporters, and two videos to explain my whole vision. Knowing me, you can expect the videos to be… unusual. I have not yet decided on a launch date, I will need to do some extra background work for it

I started to look into the steps required to create a charity foundation with DGR status (Deductable Gift Receipt), asking other people that have done it before and putting forward proposals for pro-bono legal consultancy for the initial setup. It looks like it’s going to be a big beast to get over the line

I looked at the different options available for my new website that can fit the purpose and my budget. I evaluated different technologies and solutions and I finally came to a decision that I think is scalable and will work great. I have a functional spec and conceptual design on the go too.

I’ve cleaned up my online profiles and social technologies to be consistent and clear.

What else?
I made my comfort zone a tiny bit wider!

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