Nine Weird, Wonderful and Wacky Fundraising Ideas

There is no doubt that asking friends and colleagues to stump up cash for a fundraiser can be tough,
but it doesn’t have to be.
At Outrun Cancer we believe in making fundraising fun. (and healthy)
To add some fun to your fundraising here are 9 different ideas to make your fundraising a success

Auction your boss

Ask your manager or a senior staff member to volunteer 30 minutes of their time to provide some career advice/mentorship. Hold a silent auction with the highest bidder winning the session.

Spicy Chili Contest

Lunch time at the office, bring four different spicy sauces in and a bowl of nachos. For a gold coin donation your colleagues can try the sauces and guess which bowl has which sauce in it. Or better yet, you can put in a donation to nominate someone else to try the spicy sauce! If you guess all four correctly you go in the draw to win a bottle of spicy sauce!

Selling Cookbooks

A cookbook fundraiser can be a lot of initial work but often yields great results. That’s because it’s not a single event, but can be sold continuously. One of the best things about doing a cookbook fundraiser is that it introduces people to each other through your organisation. Feature some closely-guarded family favourites or popular office treats. My carbonara with no cream has been a secret for years… I know people would pay good money for that recipe There are low-cost online publishers that will take a digital document and turn it into a beautifully bound book that you can promote and sell at a profit.

Wine Tasting Evening

An evening of wine tasting makes a fun and sophisticated fundraising event. Book the office boardroom and team up with a local company that sells a range of wines privately. The wine company sponsors the event and promotes their wines which keep the overhead cost down. Get a local café to sell some nibbles with the profit going to your charity. Sell tickets to the event (making sure all participants are of legal drinking age)

Spare Change Jar

Stick a jar in your office common area or kitchen with a sign describing the Outrun Cancer and your goal. Ask people to drop some spare change in. A see-through piggy bank works a treat as people can see how they are contributing to make a difference

Paper planes competition

Head up to the top floor of your office or across the road to the closest oval. Gold coin donation for every plan entered. Fly your plane and the plane that goes the furthest wins a prize. We have tried this one yet, but I am definitely keen to give it a try. If you decide to do this make sure you let me know so I can come along!

Ping Pong Tournament

If you happen to have a ping pong table in your office or one nearby set up a competition. Head there one lunch time and battle it out. $5 per turn and winner gets kudos as the ping pong champion

Fancy Dress

An old but a goodie. This has worked successfully at previous Outrun Cancer Corporate Treadmill Marathon events. Get your CEO / manager to wear something whacky if the team reaches a certain fundraising sum


Oh yes, get your colleagues to pay you to deliver a singagram to someone in the office. Set the bar high maybe $50 a song. You want to make this one worth your while

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