Cancer is a preventable disease

A while ago I started to bookmark all the interesting articles and researches on cancer prevention I came across. I will start to share more and more of this material with the aim of building a collection of useful information to help me ACTION upon them.

I am not a doctor, a researcher or a cancer expert, so I will stick to reporting on the work of others that are subject matter experts.

This morning I was reading this article that is in fact 5 years old. Despite the age, it’s very actual and I’ve seen more and more researches and studies that are now saying boldly:

Cancer is a Preventable Disease that Requires Major Lifestyle Changes

Few take-aways that I found very interesting and inspiring. When I say that these statements are inspiring, I mean that they re-affirm my conviction that we can all do something about cancer. We don’t have to just sit tight and hope for the best or for a ‘miracle cure’. We have the opportunity to do something now. Act before we are affected because when cancer has struck is often too late to act:

“Genes are absolutely not our fate. They can give us useful information about the increased risk of a disease, but in most cases they will not determine the actual cause of the disease, or the actual incidence of somebody getting it. […] This statement is very important because looking to the human genome for solutions to most chronic illnesses, including the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cancer, is overemphasized in today’s world. Observational studies, however, have indicated that as we migrate from one country to another, our chances of being diagnosed with most chronic illnesses are determined not by the country we come from but by the country we migrate to (1–4). In addition, studies with identical twins have suggested that genes are not the source of most chronic illnesses”

“The fact that only 5–10% of all cancer cases are due to genetic defects and that the remaining 90–95% are due to environment and lifestyle provides major opportunities for preventing cancer. Because tobacco, diet, infection, obesity, and other factors contribute approximately 25–30%, 30–35%, 15–20%, 10–20%, and 10–15%, respectively, to the incidence of all cancer deaths in the USA, it is clear how we can prevent cancer.”

“The protective role of fruits and vegetables against cancers that occur in various anatomical sites is now well supported”. This is followed by a long detailed list of chemicals found in fruits and vegetables that have been found to be helpful in preventing cancer. What I liked in particular is that the article has links to further studies and papers that go in even more detail: (curcumin & cancer, ginger & cancer, ..). It also discuss teas and spices, wholegrains and vitamins.

“There is extensive evidence suggesting that regular physical exercise may reduce the incidence of various cancers. […] One study indicated that sedentary men had a 56% and women a 72% higher incidence of melanoma than did those exercising 5–7 days per week” As if I needed more excuses to go out running..

“On the basis of the studies described above, we propose a unifying hypothesis that all lifestyle factors that cause cancer (carcinogenic agents) and all agents that prevent cancer (chemopreventive agents) are linked through chronic inflammation (Fig. 10). The fact that chronic inflammation is closely linked to the tumorigenic pathway is evident from numerous lines of evidence.”

The study comes from a recognised source and you don’t need to be a cancer expert to recognise that it makes logical sense.

The question is always if you care to actually do something with this information or not.

I see this as a great opportunity for a better life, what do you think?

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