OUTRUN CANCER events and crazy challenges have been raising money for cancer prevention research programs run by our partner charities.
To date, we have raised over $520,000; a small drop in the ocean of funds required to tackle cancer but still a vital contribution that confirms our commitment not to give up.
However big the challenge is.


Making a running analogy, you can say that in 2012-2013 we were warming-up and learning the basics.


The next phase is “building the base”. Our focus will be on creating partnerships with different charities and research centers and take on board a range of cancer prevention programs.
For 2014 we are excited to have partnered with Cancer Council NSW and created a OUTRUN CANCER scholarship.


This will be our “strength & speed” phase.
Looking back at our track-record and forward to the true fundraising potentials, we will be able to commit for larger programs.
In this phase we expect to create our own charity foundation, to start running and delivering on our prevention programs.


From here onwards we will be working on our “peak and race” phase.
A finely tuned athletic and reactive charity, we will be ready to take on any race.
Expanding our partnerships and reach we will make the “prevention” movement heard in every corner of the globe.


Without taking anything away from the amazing work and results of cancer treatments, the many lives they save on a daily base, OUTRUN CANCER focus is PREVENTION
We believe PREVENTION is the most sustainable investment against cancer that can deliver the best possible return of investment.
It’s a mentality change, from acceptance of a disease to a proactive approach against it.
With more and more people adopting this view, the more pressure there will be on governments, research centres and the rest of society to make a shift of focus too.
We don’t just need more cures for cancers, we need more ways to eradicate it at the source.


“To prevent” literally means “to keep something from happening”

While a small proportion of cancers are caused by inherited genes, the vast majority are triggered by DNA damage that accumulates during a person’s lifetime.
Lifestyle choices, environmental pollution and exposure to carcinogens and radiations are all factors at play. Most of these factors we can control directly, for others, we can make our voice heard.


2016 – Healthy Lunch Box app as part of the Cancer Council Eat It To Beat It program.COMPLETED


Eating the right amount of fruit and vegetables is a proven way to prevent cancer. Still, latest stats released this week showed that only 5% of Aussie kids are eating the right amount of fruit and veg. Research also shows that one of the biggest barriers to eating enough fruit and veg is parents not being aware of how much they should be eating, and most parents tell us they don’t have enough fruit and veg ideas that their kids love.

With this in mind, OUTRUN CANCER and Cancer Council NSW are working in partnership to develop a tech-savvy way to get families eating more greens.Eat It To Beat It campaign

A new Healthy Lunch Box app will be developed to make it simple, easy and cost-effective for parents to pack schoolbags with plenty of fruit and veg. Read more about this exciting new project and how you can help us.

Eat It To Beat It campaign


2013-2017 Cancer Council CLEAR study data analysis. COMPLETED


Cancer Council’s CLEAR study recruits people with cancer, and where possible, their partners to take part in a ground-breaking research project.
The CLEAR study aims to compile the most comprehensive information to date on the lifestyle and genetic factors that influence cancer in the NSW community. 10,000 people have participated in the study so far, providing a rich source of data and blood samples for analysis.
Cancer Council would like to use this data to further investigate the links between exercise, body mass index, diet and cancer. A PhD student, funded for 4 years, would need to be dedicated to this project.

From 2014 to completion – Bowel cancer earlier screening. COMPLETED


Awareness of bowel cancer in the community is very low at only 63%. Many people don’t understand how easy it is to protect themselves from bowel cancer. Bowel cancer starts as polyps – these develop in the colon and take 5-15 years to become cancer. These polyps can bleed and an FOBT kit tests for traces of blood in the stool.

To increase screening rates in the community, we propose GPs include bowel cancer screening with other regular tests, such as prostate, cholesterol and mammogram.

The Gut Foundation and the UNSW Regional Medical school, are running a project to forecast how many lives will be saved, when GPs are encouraging regular testing.
A quantified result from this project, will be important in bringing about health policy change.


Lauren McAlister, Regional Manager, Cancer Council NSW

When Luca first approached Cancer Council with his idea for a treadmill marathon, we thought it was brilliant. People are always looking for the next big physical challenge and this was an opportunity for teams of corporates to conquer the challenge together. We know that up to 25 percent of cancer are preventable through a healthy lifestyle, including factors like diet and exercise. This event not only raises money to help beat cancer, it is closely aligned with our mission and one of our key messages to the community – we can all do something to bring the defeat of cancer closer. Luca is very professional in his approach to the Outrun Cancer events and his dedication to their success is unwavering. We are very appreciative of Luca’s ongoing support for Cancer Council NSW and look forward to working with him as the event continues to grow.

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