Eating the right amount of fruit and vegetables is a proven way to prevent cancer.
Still, latest stats released this week showed that only 5% of Aussie kids are eating the right amount of fruit and veg. Research also shows that one of the biggest barriers to eating enough fruit and veg is parents not being aware of how much they should be eating, and most parents tell us they don’t have enough fruit and veg ideas that their kids love.

With this in mind, OUTRUN CANCER and Cancer Council NSW are working in partnership to develop a tech-savvy way to get families eating more greens.Eat It To Beat It campaign

A new Healthy Lunch Box app will be developed to make it simple, easy and cost-effective for parents to pack schoolbags with plenty of fruit and veg.

As part of the Cancer Council’s flagship nutrition program Eat It To Beat It, the app will:

  • Help families to plan and pack a lunch box kids will love to eat
  • Provide healthy lunch box inspiration with lots of recipes, snack ideas and fussy eating tips
  • Guide parents in-store while shopping for fruit and veg
  • Get kids involved in preparing their own healthy lunch boxes
  • Encourage everyone to eat two serves of fruit and five serves of veg a day

We know that about a quarter of Australian children are overweight or obese, and will likely grow up an increased risk of ten obesity-related cancers. Cancer Council research shows that up to 4% of all cancers can be prevented by eating the right amount of fruit, vegetables and fibre.

Cancer Council NSW Nutrition Program Manager Clare Hughes said Eat It To Beat It was thrilled to be working with OUTRUN CANCER to spread the prevention message at the earliest stages of children’s lives.
“Our vision is for all kindergarten children starting school to be eating the right amount of fruit and vegetables,” she said.
“School children eat more than 2,500 lunches in their 13 years in the playground. We see that as 2,500 opportunities for them to eat fruit and vegies.”

Eat It To Beat It provides free workshops and sessions for parents, to help them understand the importance of eating the right amount of fruit and vegetables.

The program is based on the latest scientific evidence around healthy eating and cancer prevention and the benefits of fruit and vegetables. It gives families ideas on what to pack in school lunch boxes, simple, cost-effective recipes using fruit and vegetables, nutritional news and clever tips on how to entice fussy eaters.

Our partnership with CANCER COUNCIL and the development of the Healthy Lunch Box app will allow the message to reach even more families and expand the program across the state.

Eat It To Beat It works with families around Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong and some other regional areas of NSW, but we hope to take this free community-based program to the whole state.

Will you help us achieve that?

In 2015 OUTRUN CANCER was able to fully fund the CLEAR study, a ground-breaking research project aiming to compile the most comprehensive information to date on lifestyle and genetic factors that influence cancer in the NSW community. 10,000 people have participated in the study so far, providing a rich source of data and blood samples for analysis.

Cancer Council will use this data to further investigate the links between exercise, body mass index, diet and cancer. Thanks to your generous support and donations collected at our events, a PhD student will be able to work on this project for 4 years.