NSW – SYD – Druitt St – 22/03/2019

Team: Better Running Outcomes Program

Company: CBA

Help us reach our fundraising goal of $2,000

Donations so far: $245


Or if you wish to help us reach our marathon time goal of 3:30

Its a sad fact that all of us know someone who has been affected by cancer. 2 in 3 Australian men and 1 in 3 Australian women will be affected by cancer in their lifetime.
1/3 of all these cancers could be prevented with improvements in lifestyle alone.

On Friday 22nd March 2019, we raise funds and awareness for cancer prevention projects by running a team marathon.

The choice is yours... you can JOIN the race or DONATE to motivate us to run harder to the finish line.

Thank you !

Runners [4]

Alice (*)$100DONATE

Supporters [2]

Anonymous. $55
Anonymous. $10

Leaderboard team

Industrie&Fit; $725

Madison Marcus Law Firm $720

FB Rice $675

Pure Runners $371

GBST Trotters $320

Leaderboard individuals

Benoir $600

Lee $175

Paul $145

Rachel $145