NSW – SYD – Druitt St – 22/03/2019

Team: Better Running Outcomes Program

Company: CBA

Help us reach our fundraising goal of $2,000

Donations so far: $2,950


Or if you wish to help us reach our marathon time goal of 3:30

Its a sad fact that all of us know someone who has been affected by cancer. 2 in 3 Australian men and 1 in 3 Australian women will be affected by cancer in their lifetime.
1/3 of all these cancers could be prevented with improvements in lifestyle alone.

On Friday 22nd March 2019, we raise funds and awareness for cancer prevention projects by running a team marathon.

The choice is yours... you can JOIN the race or DONATE to motivate us to run harder to the finish line.

Thank you !

Runners [9]

Alice (*)$490DONATE

Supporters [55]

Anonymous. $55
Anonymous. $10
Anonymous. $100
Anonymous. $50
Amanda Clarke
Happy running!
Diganth Bhagavan
Darryl Tweedale
Good luck guys! Great cause - well done!
Seb Jordan
David Rosenkowitz
Good luck Angela and team!
Siddhartha Jha
Fiona Nash
Scott W
Great cause, good luck!
Geoff Wearne
Great cause, awesome challenge - wishing you all the very best!
Stephen Norton
Great cause, good luck and have fun
Ian Andrews
Good Luck Team
Sian Thomas
Cem Erarslan
Great support of a great initiative, best of luck!
Mark Gregory
Go team! you\'re doing us proud.
Edwina Spencer
Nice one Heli and team!
Priyanka Kanthan
Good luck team!!
Sophie Jenkins
Go Team!
Sam Hemphill
Mick Brown
Irah Bennett
Good Luck Megan And Beth!
Natacha Ng
All the best!!
Thomas Clough
Well done Alice. Not sure if I\'m more impressed with your goal or the team\' name.
Chris Hellmundt
Good luck Beth and Megan! Hope you remain number1!
Edward Rowe
Bethany Wormald
From Harry the cat
Devshree Bhatt
You can do it!
Ranjani Gadinkari
Komal Pandya
Good Luck Heli & team!! Great cause.
Rishabh Patel
Ruhie & Aviv
Great cause!
Sonal & Hema
Good luck for this great cause
Aditya Thakur
Ricky Kar
Bikram Masson
Good luck!
Priyanka Ramachandran
Good luck Heli!! Love Pri & Virosh
Akhil Bangia
Go Heli! From Akhil & Nandita
Nishdiggity Dawg
Nishdiggity n pooja Shah
Mansi Shah
Great work Hez! Mansi & Rajan
A + D Nayyar
Amazing effort!
Shiva Sheth
Dilip Ramaswamy
Amazing effort
Karan Rao
Sneha Pai
Amazing job Heli! Such a great cause :) Oscar & Sneha
Madeleine Smith
Well done!
Kriti Guptaa
Oliver Dugdale
Great job for a good cause. DOMs so worth it!
Sneha Jivan
Gokcen Kadayifci
Your Milestone has been deemed effective and can be officially closed! Well done!!
Adam Malski
Well done team! Fastest females!! Yewww

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Better Running Outcomes Program $2,950

GBST Trotters $2,120

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Albert $947

Benoir $825

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Heli $570