NSW - AMP staff only - Alfred Street - 22/03/2019

Team: AMP Team 1

Company: AMP

Help us reach our fundraising goal of $2,000

Donations so far: $1,330


Or if you wish to help us reach our marathon time goal of 2:06

If running a marathon sounds crazy enough, try to do it on a treadmill - during your lunch break!
This is what we are ready to do on March 22nd 2019 to raise awareness and funds for important cancer prevention projects.

The choice is yours... you can JOIN the race or DONATE to motivate us to run harder to the finish line.

Thank you !

2 in 3 Australian men and 1 in 3 Australian women will be affected by cancer in their lifetime.
1/3 of all these cancers could be prevented with improvements in lifestyle alone.

Runners [11]

Jason (*)$250DONATE

Supporters [11]

Anonymous. $155
Anonymous. $55
Anonymous. $200
Doug Talbot
Anonymous. $40
Neal Dawson
Low - Would love to join you but I think the jet lag would affect my running - that and the extra 2 stone I’m carrying... Dawse
Mandy Cowling
Best of luck bro from the UK
Fabian Bussoletti
Go hard or go home! Do the ‘Gong proud JC...
Anonymous. $100
Anonymous. $35
Janice Wun

Leaderboard team

AMP Girl Power $3,320

SRI-WS-Champs $3,070

Blazing Glory $2,455

The ERM team $2,400

Trial by Treadmill $2,335

Leaderboard individuals

Jasmine $1,285

Mark $620

alastair $610

Kylie $500