The Corporate Champions are at the core of OUTRUN CANCER mission to spread awareness and inspire others into action.
You can count on these amazing people to motivate you and help you to get out of the comfort zone and achieve your best, at work, at sport and sometimes life too..
If you are in doubt about whether you should be participating to the Corporate Treadmill Marathon, or unsure on how it all works or how you will be making a difference, they are the the go-to people to answer all these questions.

Would you like to nominate yourself or a colleague to be the OUTRUN CANCER Corporate Champion for your organisation? Great! Read the Manifesto and let’s go for a run to discuss more!


ALICE CLAYTON – Commonwealth Bank Australia

Alice Clayton CBA

Alice is a supporter of OUTRUN CANCER and likes to rope her teams into completing the Corporate Treadmill Marathon at any opportunity.
A busy Mum of 3, Alice uses training as an excuse for some time to herself, but more recently is mostly found on the physio couch.
When fit, Alice enjoys multisport races and running fast.

ANA SANTOS – CitiBank Australia

Ana Santos CITI

Ana never thought that a Treadmill Marathon could make her smile for days, supporting OUTRUN CANCER makes her feel rewarded “you always receive much more than you give”.
She is passionate about travelling, nature and sharing positive energy.
She occasionally goes for a run… well to be honest she runs when she has to! “But if that’s what it takes to be part of this remarkable project, so be it” and at the end “it feels SO good”!

BRAD SUTTON – Macquarie Bank/h3>
Brad Sutton

Brad is a supporter of OUTRUN CANCER and a regular Corporate Treadmill Marathon participant.
He is a big sufferer of F.O.M.O. (Fear Of Missing Out), which leads to him regularly signing up for Ironman Triathlons and Ultra-marathons, once his friends sign up.
He needs new friends.

ANDREW METCALF – Macquarie Bank

Andrew Metcalf

Andrew has just started getting back into running, after a 15 year drought.
He soon remembered the joys of running, and his favourite phrase, “Oh, it’s a deep burn”.
Although he has only done one OUTRUN CANCER, he confesses he is now HOOKED and can’t wait for more!

ANGIE BARAN – CitiBank Australia

Angie Baran

Angie is an avid runner, with a passion for marathon distance in particular. She has run road marathons around the world, including Paris, New York, London and Paris, with 8 marathons completed last year.
Unlike other runners, she loves the ‘dreadmill’, especially when smashing out the kms for Outrun Cancer!
Angie’s favourite thing about running is the positive community it brings together, sharing health and happiness, as well as benefitting others through fundraising and bringing awareness to important causes.


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