Corporate Treadmill Marathon FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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Before we let our developers loose on the hunt of bugs in the system, have a quick look at the registration form. Is there any field marked in red? Any message / pop-up with errors? Did you accept the T&C ? 

If all looks ok and you are still getting an error, please contact us via email or phone with all the details of the error or issue including the browser you are using

Use the “Team Actions” drop-down on the top right hand side of your fundraising page to login to the admin section. The username/password for your team were setup by your team captain – if forgotten they can be reset.

From there, you can amend all of the details. And don’t chicken out, aim to go faster and raise more funds than before! 

We need all marathon times locked in 2 days before the event.

The t-shirt will be waiting for you at the event location.

You are strongly invited to wear it on the day but of course …  if you want to be uncool you can wear your own! 

Designed by the Team Ferrari, hand knitted by Eliud Kipchoge himself, and blessed by The Queen the OUTRUNCANCER t-shirts are performance enhancing. You will run faster and longer than ever before.

Not only, they will make you look slimmer, taller and irresistibly sexy too. 

Yes and NO

There will be a few spares on the day but are on first-in first-served basis. 

We invite you to come with the minimum amount of baggage you can. If you do have bags with you, they must be stored (at your own risk) in the locker room or in the designated areas. 

The area around the treadmill must be clear from any tripping hazard!


And we encourage you to do so, especially a shower after your run! 🙂 Chat to the gym PTs and staff to get advice.

Well, it’s totally up to you! You can rock up just before it is your turn to run or stay the whole afternoon if you’d like.

We suggest the latter if you can, because that’s more fun! The music is pumping and you can show off your moves…  you can cheer your colleagues along and stare down other runners … or simply stand next to the food station and replace all the calories lost!

Everyone, really! You are welcome to invite your colleagues, friends, partners and lovers, even your neighbours! 

The 5pm presentation is an opportunity to celebrate the running and fundraising effort from each team and the event as a whole.
Each team receives their certificate in a golden frame and the fastest teams and highest fundraisers are crowned like kings. This is of course complemented with more food and smiles.

Part of the challenge is to predict and commit to running a marathon in a certain time.

So if you don’t complete by 5pm, unless this was due to a treadmill malfunction, a delayed start, other reasons outside your control or extraordinary circumstances, we are afraid this will result on a DNF (Did Not Finish) in the time allowed.

You can still continue on and complete the marathon because it would suck otherwise. And by the way, this rarely happens.

Unfortunately, this does happen, the treadmills can’t take the heat… Don’t panic.

The timekeeper assigned to each team is highly skilled to resolve the issue, by keeping track of the distance you have already covered and accounting for the time lost restarting the treadmill. 

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