2012 Shelley Street

Corporate Treadmill Marathon


Shelley Street Corporate Challenge took place on Friday 17th of February.
This is an event I organized in collaboration with Goodlife Health Club manager Elle McCabe. The challenge was to run a marathon on a treadmill as a team.

The turnout was amazing, we had 90 runners and additional 50-60 people came by on the day to cheer for us. We had people flying @ 19.2km an hour and people running for the first time on treadmill. We had teams of four people and teams of twenty one.

The fastest team completed the marathon in 03:06 and the slowest in around 4.

But the most important thing is that everyone was smiling and had a good time.
Everyone recognised that it was as much about the “challenge” as it was about the fun and the fundraising for cancer research.
And the result was an amazing $14,700 in donations! When the total was revealed, it almost brought me in tears of joy as the generous Macquarie Foundation will dollar match all donations, to bring the total to:

$29,400 !

Such a great send off!


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