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1 Elizabeth Plaza
North Sydney NSW 2060

Friday 11/04/2014 1PM

Register your team or join an existing one here.

The event will follow the below schedule:

12:30 pm: Registrations open: participants are required to register at the gym reception and sign the insurance waiver
1:00 pm: The marathon and the fun starts! You have a 4 hours cut-off time to cover a total distance of 42.2km.
(4:00 pm: This is when we expect the faster teams to finish)
5:00 pm: Refreshment are served, closing ceremony and prizes.
5:30 pm: After party at a nearby location to be confirmed

Please note:
There won’t be any spare treadmills to warm up, however you can use spin bikes, cross-trainers and the stretching area for that.


Light refreshments (home made awesome nut bars & fruit) will be available throughout the day for everyone to enjoy. Sandwiches will be served just before the closing ceremony.
For the second year, NUDIE is supporting OUTRUN CANCER donating fresh & awesome healthy juices to all participants. Thank you Nudie!
It’s going to be hot, you are going to sweat, so make sure you bring a water bottle too and fill it up at the gym water stations.


Changing rooms and showers are available for everyone’s use
While at the gym, why not make the most of it and try the different training machines or talk to a Personal Trainer for fitness advice?


In addition to hosting the event, our generous supporter Fitness First, is offering these fantastic prizes:

to the Highest Fundraiser person
to all the members of the Highest Fundraiser Team
to all the participants.


All participants that register before Friday April 4th, will receive a OUTRUN CANCER Corporate Treadmill Marathon running t-shirt, that we encourage you to wear on the day.

The T-shirts will be sent to the team captains few days before the event date, so make sure you register before Friday April 4th not to miss out!


Spot prizes and category prizes will be given out throughout the day and during the closing ceremony.


The OUTRUN CANCER Corporate Treadmill Marathon is a charity event to fundraise for a worthy cause: the fight against cancer.
Your registration donations and all the additional fundraising you do, go towards the cancer prevention programs OUTRUN CANCER supports.
For this event, we have partnered up with Cancer Council NSW to fund a 4 years research on the data Cancer Council has collected through the CLEAR study. The aim is further analyse the connection between diet, physical activity, b.m.i. and cancer in the New South Wales community.

Every donation is fundamental. Without your generous donations we will not be able to fund these important projects. And rest assured we will keep you up to date with the outcomes of these projects and how they have helped taking a step forward in the race against cancer.


“The most successful givers aren’t doing it because they’re being told to. They do it because doing it is fun. It gives them joy.”

We couldn’t agree more with this quote from Seth Godin. People are happy to support a genuine and worthy cause that in a way or another has touched them or will touch them in the near future.

You will be surprised to see the number of people that will positively respond to a call out for support or sponsorship. Although we are working to fund specific projects that require a financial contributions, the aim is to get more people involved and engaged with the cause. Spread awareness about cancer and that are many ways to dramatically reduce our risks.

So spread the word with friends and colleagues about what you are doing. It will give them and you joy.


If your corporate operates a dollar matching scheme for charitable donations, all of the sudden the donations you receive are worth double! How great is that!

If you are ensure whether your employer does dollar matching .. ask around! If they do, it would be great to get them involved! You can direct any question your employee may have to us at


All donations over $2 – including the entry fee to the event – are tax deductible.

All your sponsors will receive a receipts and will appear on your fundraising totals immediately.

The registrations’ donations need to be processed manually: fundraising totals will be updated every Friday. Donation receipts will be emailed at a later stage, normally within 4 weeks from the registrations.



What a day!



A great turnout for our first Corporate Treadmill Marathon in North Sydney.

There was no holding back, everyone gave it all on the treadmills to record the best-yet average marathon time of 3:14.
And great to see the last team completing the challenge getting the biggest cheer of all!

I was glad to meet so many new people, seeing new corporates coming on board, entertaining friends, staff and clients.

I would like to thank Tim, Fitness First’s gym manager, and the rest of his team for letting us use the top-notch facilities and providing great prizes for the highest fundraisers.
We are already talking about next year’s event, although we may need to pimp the treadmills!

In fact few runners managed to max out the speed of the treadmill, clocking 22km/h! : |
Insane. But I guess that’s what you get when there are professional triathletes like Laura Siddall, champions like James Nipperess and ultra runners like Mark Green in the teams. Or simply nutcase like Greg and Craig!

So thank you all for another fun afternoon of treadmill running and fundraising to beat cancer.

Special thanks to

Fitness First, for hosting the event and the great prizes
Nudie, for the great healthy juices
yourhealthdomain, for providing free massage to all runners



For the first time in 3 years organising and running the event, I had the honour of winning the trophy for the fastest marathon! I only contributed 4 kilometres but that’s the beauty of a marathon relay!
My team, the MOBsters, led right from the beginning and we managed to reach our target of completing the marathon in under 3 hours. In 2:51 to be exact.

With a 03:02, The Body Mechanic team was not far behind but we all know they could have killed it if they raced.

The teams from Carnival Cruises and Corporate Travellers had a relaxed start but a strong sprint finish.

Well done to everyone.
You now have a time to beat for next year: Individual & Team Stats

Moments Of BrillianceMOBsters02:51:00$1,305
The Body MechanicThe Body Mechanic03:02:52$2,170
Carnival CruisesCarnival Cancer Crusaders03:26:00$575
Corporate TravellerCorporate Traveller03:37:01$505



The Body Mechanic team won the trophy and prize as the highest fundraising team with $2,170 while Dave from the MOBsters, was the highest fundraiser individual with $790.

With a grand total of $5,345 we are a big step closer to fully fund the OUTRUN CANCER Scholarship for a 4 years study of Cancer Council CLEAR data.

So, thank you everyone.
Your running, donations and advocacy made a difference.

Run Healthy
Run Free
Luca & the OUTRUN CANCER team


#OCTM2014 - North Sydney 11/04/2014