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6/159-175 Church St
Parramatta NSW 2150

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The event will follow the below schedule:

12:30 pm: Registrations open: participants are required to register at the gym reception and sign the insurance waiver
1:00 pm: The marathon and the fun starts! You have a 4 hours cut-off time to cover a total distance of 42.2km.
(4:00 pm: This is when we expect the faster teams to finish)
5:00 pm: Refreshment are served, closing ceremony and prizes.
5:30 pm: Celebrations can start!


Light refreshments (home made awesome nut bars & fruit) will be available throughout the day for everyone to enjoy. Sandwiches will be served just before the closing ceremony.
For the second year, NUDIE is supporting OUTRUN CANCER donating fresh & awesome healthy juices to all participants. Thank you Nudie!
It’s going to be hot, you are going to sweat, so make sure you bring a water bottle too and fill it up at the gym water stations.


Changing rooms and showers are available for everyone’s use and you can borrow a towel for $1.
While at the gym, why not make the most of it and try the different training machines or talk to a Personal Trainer for fitness advice?

THE BODY MECHANIC team is going to be present onsite with a massage table and will offer free massage and consultation to anyone that may require a little boost or a rub before or after the event! How good is that!


There are only few rules to this event and they are there to ensure runners safety, correct recording of the running times and a fair competition.

1) Minimum Distance

As a minimum, each runner must complete a total distance of 2 kilometres. Runners must stay on the treadmill for at least 1 kilometre before a changeover.

In other words, the minimum distance required to participate is 2 kilometres, and it can be broken up into 2 x 1 kilometres runs/jogs.
The rule is valid particularly at the last stages of the marathon.. You are not allowed to jump on the treadmill for a 200 meters sprint, the minimum distance to cover per each changeover is 1 kilometre (or until you reach the 42.2km marathon mark).

2) Maximum time on treadmill

The maximum total time a runner can be on the treadmill is 1 hour.

There is no limitation in the number of times a participant can get ON and OFF the treadmill, so long the total times doesn’t exceed 1 hour and the person complies to rule 1).

3) Changeover treadmill speed

Before a runner gets OFF the treadmill, the speed must be reduced to a maximum of 9km/h.

We know that especially in the last stages of the marathon, people often get excited and want to get ON/OFF the treadmill as fast as they can. If you press the pre-set speed of 9km/h the treadmill will slow down in a matter of seconds and everyone is sure to keep their knees in the changing process. After all, the person getting ON will have at least one kilometre to recover those couple of seconds lost.

4) Continuos motion

A person must be running on the treadmill at all time. The treadmill should not stop at any time.

5) Time keeper

Before changing over on the treadmill, you must notify one of the time keepers so that your time and distance can be recorded.

Staff and volunteer helping out on the day are there to ensure the event is fun and safe. Be nice – give’em a big smile and let them know when you are about to change over before you jump on the treadmill!


Q. On the day, can I get to the gym just before it is my turn to run or do I need to be there earlier/for the whole time?
A. You can arrive 10-15 minutes before it’s your turn to run, although I’m sure your team members would appreciate your support while they are running.

Q. Can I get on the treadmill multiple times? Maybe running 2kms take a break and run other 2kms?
A. Absolutely, you can get on and off the treadmill as many times as you like. see rules above!

Q. I am going to lose time if I slow down the treadmill before a change over. Why do I need to slow down it down?
A. Let’s be safe and fair. Everyone must SLOW DOWN THE TREADMILL to 9km/h before getting off the treadmill. You may lose 3 seconds slowing down, but at least everyone is safe.. and you have at least 1km to recover those 3 seconds, so no big deal.


In addition to hosting the event, our generous supporter Goodlife Health Club, is offering these fantastic prizes:

1 year gym membership to the Highest Fundraiser person
1 month membership to all the members of the Highest Fundraiser Team
1 week free pass to all the participants.


All participants registering before Friday November 14th, will receive a OUTRUN CANCER Corporate Treadmill Marathon running t-shirt, that we encourage you to wear on the day.

The T-shirts will be sent to the team captains few days before the event date, so make sure you register before Friday November 14th not to miss out!


Spot prizes and category prizes will be given out throughout the day and during the closing ceremony.


The OUTRUN CANCER Corporate Treadmill Marathon is a charity event to fundraise for a worthy cause: the fight against cancer.
Your registration donations and all the additional fundraising you do, go towards the cancer prevention programs OUTRUN CANCER supports.
For this event, we have partnered up with Cancer Council NSW to fund a 4 years research on the data Cancer Council has collected through the CLEAR study. The aim is further analyse the connection between diet, physical activity, b.m.i. and cancer in the New South Wales community.

Every donation is fundamental. Without your generous donations we will not be able to fund these important projects. And rest assured we will keep you up to date with the outcomes of these projects and how they have helped taking a step forward in the race against cancer.


“The most successful givers aren’t doing it because they’re being told to. They do it because doing it is fun. It gives them joy.”

We couldn’t agree more with this quote from Seth Godin. People are happy to support a genuine and worthy cause that in a way or another has touched them or will touch them in the near future.

You will be surprised to see the number of people that will positively respond to a call out for support or sponsorship. Although we are working to fund specific projects that require a financial contributions, the aim is to get more people involved and engaged with the cause. Spread awareness about cancer and that are many ways to dramatically reduce our risks.

So spread the word with friends and colleagues about what you are doing. It will give them and you joy.


If your corporate operates a dollar matching scheme for charitable donations, all of the sudden the donations you receive are worth double! How great is that!

If you are ensure whether your employer does dollar matching .. ask around! If they do, it would be great to get them involved! You can direct any question your employee may have to us at


All donations over $2 – excluding the entry fee to the event – are tax deductible.
Tax deductible receipts will be emailed within two weeks after the event.



We would like to thank all our sponsors, supporters and volunteers that made this event possible and keep supporting our race against cancer.

In particular, thank you to:
Our friends at Goodlife Healthclub for hosting the event and their generous prizes.

Our re-hydration specialists from Nudie for the donation of healthy and yummy juices to all participants

The team from The Body Mechanic for looking after our runners and ensure an injury free day.

The fantastic volunteers that ensure a safe and fun event for everyone.

Last but not least, thank you to ALL OF YOU!, runners with a big heart and smiles!