2016 AMP Circular Quay

Corporate Treadmill Marathon


There was a certain vibe here at AMP. It’s something that’s not easily into words, but if I may, I would sum it up with just one “Electrifying”.

Determined to make an impact from the start, the AMP team just had the energy, the drive and the leader to make it awesome (with a capital ‘A’).
Beyond any shadow of a doubt, AMP Lifestyle Manager Jason Ibrahim was the impetus for this successful team fundraising event, despite being the last group to come on board.

And behold 101 runners showed up at various time, and they were pumping the room with hi-fives, funny hats and loud cheers, regardless if one treadmill team is from the finance or corporate. Think the vibes when fans from Liverpool football club starts to sing “You never walk alone” in a full stadium, that’s THE vibe when AMP Team 1 began their sub 2:30hours marathon assault. They weren’t keen to break the record. They wanted to annulate it – And boy they did. Watching the team of 11 each running a full 20km/h (or 3minutes a kilometers) each minimum 4 kilometers was a very humbling experience. So when our volunteer exclaimed they have reached the 42.195km in 2:11hrs, it wasn’t a surprise.

Midst of the big record-breaking run by the team, there were two other birthdays celebrations (while on the treadmill), many ‘firsts’ (First time to run more than 5km straight, a first time in a team event among those) Jason, like a fearless leader, led his troops to victory. They achieved the accolade of the fastest team in 2016, highest team fundraising, highest individual fund raiser and acknowledged each of the volunteers, and DJ his way throughout the afternoon.

Angie from Cancer Council NSW and I were simply gobsmacked. Three days later, we still didn’t quite mind our ears are still ringing. What a day. What an afternoon!

Ps: They were pretty chuffed when they learnt they beat CBA for highest team fundraising – It led to the day’s 30th Hip Hip Hurray!!



Team Corporate Time Fundraising
ES&I Shake n Bake AMP 3:30:00 $6,955
AMP Corporate Super AMP 3:29:00 $3,545
AMP Finance AMP 3:21:00 $2,705
AMPAdvice AMP 3:00:00 $2,522
AMP Capital Legs11 + IT AMP 3:38:00 $2,225
AMP - TAGathon Runners AMP 3:00:00 $1,325
AMP Team 1 AMP 2:11:00 $1,170
AMP Capital MAG AMP 3:21:00 $900


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