2016 FF King Street

Corporate Treadmill Marathon


It’s always exciting bringing the Corporate Treadmill marathon to new venues. This year, we managed to turn neon green The Zone, Fitness First in King Street!
8 teams and 80 runners took over the gym for the afternoon.

It was great to see old friends from IIT, Macquarie and Suncorp back, as well as new faces from UBS and IAG .

Teams had very conservative marathon target time – even too conservative as most completed well before 5PM cut-off. Suncorp, UBS and the IIT teams ran very hard, to complete their marathon in under 3 hours.

But more that the competition for the fastest marathon, it was a competition for the most smiles! Runners were on a high, exchanging hive fives all around.
Special mention goes to the IIT and Suncorp teams with the biggest camaraderie; while IIT took over the gym in numbers, Suncorp was rewarded the team prize as they made every second and every stride count.

And it was with immense pride I handed over the fundraising cheque to Kathy Chapman, Division Director of Cancer Program Division. Our biggest to date – $109,000.

Well done to all the runners for the hard work.
A special thank you to all Cancer Council volunteers and the rest of the small but awesome OC team

Now…. for 2017, what records can we break?



Team Corporate Time Fundraising
The FIITeam Industrie IT 3:08:22 $2,610
Sales Snails Macquarie 3:21:53 $2,395
IITFunRaising Industrie IT 3:38:00 $1,535
UBS FLYERS UBS 3:01:18 $805
Suncorp Lifers Suncorp Life 2:55:00 $535
Macquarie Speedsters Macquarie Group 3:23:44 $465
IAG Runners IAG 3:00:25 $360


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