2016 Martin Place

Corporate Treadmill Marathon


Once again, the Goodlife Health Club in Martin Place was buzzing with energy as over 70 runners in bright green t-shirts took over the gym on Friday.

I’ve been to all the OCTMs to date, always wearing different hats – from assistant to unofficial photographer and even improvised caterer! But it was the first time that I was actually appointed race coordinator. To say that I was nervous, it’s a huge understatement!

Luckily the wonderful Cancer Council volunteers were there to help – even and especially during those times when my baby brain inevitably kicked in! 🙂

The afternoon just flew by and despite some initial hiccups with the treadmills, it was amazing to see how all the participants were supporting and cheering for each other. The excitement and sense of camaraderie was palpable – so much so we decided to have a Team Spirit award for the loudest and craziest of them all.

Behind the scenes, the OUTRUN CANCER team was having a lot of fun too, exchanging pictures as the day went by and each race coordinator claiming to have the fastest team / greatest runners / best vibe or simply best venue of all!

The fastest time across all locations went to AMP (with an incredible 2:11h), but the Fastest Team award in Martin Place went to ERA Legal, who run a 2:55 marathon – which I think it’s still pretty impressive! Well done guys!

I believe this year the teams definitely underestimated their abilities when giving the predicted finishing time – as most of them reached the 42.2km mark well before the 5pm cut off!

The only team that didn’t make the cut off time was I thought this was speed dating, but they insisted on finishing anyway – and I think they deserve a special mention for their relentless spirit and determination!

It was a very emotional moment for me when I finally announced the total fundraising – $109,435. I was sincerely moved by how generously everyone had contributed to our cause – and many of you continue to do so over the years.

We were all secretly hoping to reach $100k.. but at times, it seemed so ambitious. In stead, not only we met and passed our target, but donations are still coming in 3 days after the event, so this number will have to be updated soon!

A special thank you goes to the Madison Marcus team – who raised an astounding $4,470 and won the Highest Fundraising Team award. One of the top 3 fundraising teams across all venues as well as one of the largest, with 21 participants.

At 5:30pm, after the prize ceremony and presentation, the teams started to leave the gym. Gradually, the room became empty. But the energy was still there. I could still sense it. Together with a huge sense of pride and anticipation for what’s to come.

Ready for 2017? Oh, yes!


Team Corporate Time Fundraising
Madison Marcus Madison Marcus Law Firm Pty Ltd 3:04:29 $4,470
Whites Warriors Whites Diesels Australia PTY LTD 3:27:00 $2,825
... without a paddle QBE Insurance 3:08:59 $1,000
I thought this was speed dating Quay Appointments 3:30:07 $750
ERA Legal ERA Legal 2:54:39 $685


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