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L4, 1 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000

Friday 18/03/2016 1PM


Day Schedule:

12:30 pm: Doors open: Runners can start getting to the gym and warm up on their treadmill and other gym equipment.
1:00 pm: The challenge and fun officially starts! Start time for each team will depend on the team’s target time and allocated start time.
5:00 pm: Cut-off time to complete the marathon. All teams must have completed their marathon by this time.
5:10 pm: Refreshments, closing ceremony & prizes
5:35 pm: Time to party!

FAQ & Important info
What does my entry fee pay for?

In return for your entry fee into the Corporate Treadmill Marathon, you will receive:

A high quality running t-shirt
A framed certificate for your team
Use of gym facilities including changing rooms, showers & lockers
Drinks and light refreshments (nut bars, fruit, sandwiches, ..) throughout the day
Prizes for the different categories

Is my entry fee a charity donation?

OUTRUN CANCER is a not for profit organisation but it is not yet registered as charity. Therefore, the entry fee is not a charity donation. Furthermore, the fee is not tax deductible as per ATO guidelines.
The entry fee is used to cover the material costs and is invested back into OUTRUN CANCER to continue to develop and expand the event.

Is my entry fee refundable or transferrable?

The entry fees are not normally refundable or transferrable as per out T&C. Having said so, we will try our best to accommodate requests, so get in touch.

What time do I need to register on the day?

Anytime from 12:30 before your turn on the treadmill.
You must sign the insurance waiver and check-in sheet at the gym reception. Just look for your team’s registration sheet and autograph it!

How long in advance do I need to be at the gym before my turn on the treadmill?

Totally up to you to agree with your team captain.
We suggest you are ready to run at least 15 minutes before your scheduled turn, times are normally faster than expected.
You are welcome and encouraged to stay and cheer for your team mates for as long as you want. After all this is a team effort!

Where can I leave my bag and belonging

Glad you ask because this is really important. You can use the gym’s changing room and lockers. Yes you can and you should! That avoids having bags laying on the floor like a campground.
If you have any question on how to operate the lockers in the changing room, please ask reception or your team captain.

Can I use the gym equipment for warm up and additional workout?

Absolutely! And we encourage you to do so.
Depending on the gym, the Personal Trainers may organise “circuits”, completing them will give you a time bonus too!

What do I need to bring?

A water bottle. It is going to be hot and you will sweat. Drinks & juices will be provided but you want to make sure you keep re-hydrated using the gym’s bubblers.
And you need to bring running shoes of course! Although barefoot running is also accepted.


The Corporate Treadmill Marathon Rules can be found here.

We aim for the event to be fun, safe and fair.
Please take a moment to review and familiarise yourself with the rules.
For any question please do not hesitate to contact your team captain, your corporate champion or on the day, the event coordinator and timekeepers.


During the closing ceremony three trophies will be awarded to:
– The fastest team
– The highest fundraiser team
– The highest fundraiser individual


In addition to hosting the event, our generous supporter Goodlife Health Club, is offering these fantastic prizes:

1 year gym membership to the Highest Fundraiser person
1 month membership to all the members of the Highest Fundraiser Team
1 week free pass to all the participants.

Spot and category prizes will be given out throughout the day and during the closing ceremony.


All runners receive our 2015 OUTRUN CANCER running t-shirt that we encourage you to wear on the day.

We will try our best to match your request of t-shirt size that will be assigned on a first-in basis.
So don’t wait longer than necessary – Signup now!

the outrun cancer trophies
winner of the best socks competition
Cancer Council NSW partner with OUTRUN CANCER


The OUTRUN CANCER Corporate Treadmill Marathon is a charity event to fundraise for a worthy cause: the fight against cancer.
Your registration donations and all the additional fundraising you do, go towards the cancer prevention programs OUTRUN CANCER supports.
For this event, we have partnered up with Cancer Council NSW to fund a 4 years research on the data Cancer Council has collected through the CLEAR study. The aim is further analyse the connection between diet, physical activity, b.m.i. and cancer in the New South Wales community.

Every donation is fundamental. Without your generous donations we will not be able to fund these important projects. And rest assured we will keep you up to date with the outcomes of these projects and how they have helped taking a step forward in the race against cancer.


“The most successful givers aren’t doing it because they’re being told to. They do it because doing it is fun. It gives them joy.”

We couldn’t agree more with this quote from Seth Godin. People are happy to support a genuine and worthy cause that in a way or another has touched them or will touch them in the near future.

You will be surprised to see the number of people that will positively respond to a call out for support or sponsorship. Although we are working to fund specific projects that require a financial contributions, the aim is to get more people involved and engaged with the cause. Spread awareness about cancer and the many ways to dramatically reduce our risks.

So spread the word with friends and colleagues about what you are doing. It will give them and you joy.


If your corporate operates a dollar matching scheme for charitable donations, all of the sudden the donations you receive are worth double! How great is that!

If you are ensure whether your employer does dollar matching .. ask around! If they do, it would be great to get them involved! You can direct any question your employee may have to us


All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

All your sponsors will receive a receipts within two weeks from the end of the event and their donation will appear on your fundraising totals immediately.



Once again, the Goodlife Health Club in Martin Place was buzzing with energy as over 70 runners in bright green t-shirts took over the gym on Friday.

I’ve been to all the OCTMs to date, always wearing different hats – from assistant to unofficial photographer and even improvised caterer! But it was the first time that I was actually appointed race coordinator. To say that I was nervous, it’s a huge understatement!

Luckily the wonderful Cancer Council volunteers were there to help – even and especially during those times when my baby brain inevitably kicked in! 🙂

The afternoon just flew by and despite some initial hiccups with the treadmills, it was amazing to see how all the participants were supporting and cheering for each other. The excitement and sense of camaraderie was palpable – so much so we decided to have a Team Spirit award for the loudest and craziest of them all.

Behind the scenes, the OUTRUN CANCER team was having a lot of fun too, exchanging pictures as the day went by and each race coordinator claiming to have the fastest team / greatest runners / best vibe or simply best venue of all!

The fastest time across all locations went to AMP (with an incredible 2:11h), but the Fastest Team award in Martin Place went to ERA Legal, who run a 2:55 marathon – which I think it’s still pretty impressive! Well done guys!

I believe this year the teams definitely underestimated their abilities when giving the predicted finishing time – as most of them reached the 42.2km mark well before the 5pm cut off!

The only team that didn’t make the cut off time was I thought this was speed dating, but they insisted on finishing anyway – and I think they deserve a special mention for their relentless spirit and determination!

It was a very emotional moment for me when I finally announced the total fundraising – $109,435. I was sincerely moved by how generously everyone had contributed to our cause – and many of you continue to do so over the years.

We were all secretly hoping to reach $100k.. but at times, it seemed so ambitious. In stead, not only we met and passed our target, but donations are still coming in 3 days after the event, so this number will have to be updated soon!

A special thank you goes to the Madison Marcus team – who raised an astounding $4,470 and won the Highest Fundraising Team award. One of the top 3 fundraising teams across all venues as well as one of the largest, with 21 participants.

At 5:30pm, after the prize ceremony and presentation, the teams started to leave the gym. Gradually, the room became empty. But the energy was still there. I could still sense it. Together with a huge sense of pride and anticipation for what’s to come.

Ready for 2017? Oh, yes!


Madison MarcusMadison Marcus Law Firm Pty Ltd03:04:29$4,470
Whites WarriorsWhites Diesels Australia PTY LTD03:27:00$2,825
CAN CASH RUNCommonwealth Bank03:17:53$1,290
... without a paddleQBE Insurance03:08:59$1,100
I thought this was speed datingQuay Appointments03:30:07$750
ERA LegalERA Legal02:54:39 $685


(See more photos here)

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