2017 FF King Street

Corporate Treadmill Marathon


This year was particularly emotional, with many sharing their own cancer stories, many running harder and some even head shaving for those they lost.
And I know, this doesn’t “fix” anything but – at least for me – it makes us feel a lot better.
We are standing up tall on the face of cancer. We are not giving up.

Our efforts and contributions to the cause go a long way on the race against cancer. In the process we create awareness and inspire others to follow us.

CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for all the hard work. 


What a fantastic result at Fitness First King Street in this year Corporate Treadmill Marathon. 
The CBA Allstar team has certainly reached for the stars with their amazing fundraising! 

Congratulation to all – you guys rock!

Team Corporate Time Fundraising
CBA Allstars Commomwealth Bank 3:18 $4,045
GBST Trotters GBST 3:37 $2,850
Madison Marcus Madison Marcus Law Firm 3:01 $2,000
Industrie Fun Squad Industrie IT 3:50 $1,755
Risky Business Commonwealth bank 3:16 $1,015
Industrie IT Go Fast Industrie IT 3:01 $985
Customer Decisioning Got the Runs Commonwealth Bank 3:12 $972
Team rACER Commonwealth Bank 3:37 $545
AMEX Champions American Express 0:00 $135


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