Friday 23/03/2018 from 9AM
2- 12 Macquarie Street,

How much does it cost to enter?
Early Bird – until 31/01/2018 – $45
Normal entry – until 16/03/2018 – $55
Late entry – until 22/03/2018 – $65

What do I get?
– Race entry
– Our fabulous OC running singlet
– Refreshments throughout the day
– 1-week free entry to the gym
– Team certificates and photos
– Freebies and prizes to be won
– Bragging rights

How does it work?
– We have a limited number of treadmills per location and we cannot reserve them.
– The first person to register creates the team and secures the treadmill.
– A team page is created for colleagues to join and to receive donations.
– No minimum team fundraising required but we would expect about $2000 per team.
– On the day of the event, start time is based on your expected marathon time.
– You can come to the gym just for your run or hang out all day!
(all other FAQ)

What’s the key to success
– Get your full team locked in and registered ASAP. Don’t delay.
– Share the challenge with other teams in your company to raise the stakes.
– Invite us for a motivational talk and a training run over lunch.
– Schedule your fundraising effort, get an early start and make it fun & personal
– Organise team training runs
– Race hard and take home a trophy!


Day Schedule:

8:30 am: Doors open: Runners can get in the gym and warm up on their treadmill and other gym equipment.
9:00 am: The challenge and fun officially starts! Start time for each team depends on the team’s target time
11:00 am: Bonus time challenge at the gym to gain precious seconds as bonus!
1:00 pm: Cut-off time to complete the marathon.
1:10 pm: Refreshments, closing ceremony and prizes
1:30 pm: Time to party!

You are not required to remain at the gym for the whole length of the marathon although we find this is what most teams tend to do. The Corporate Treadmill Marathon is all about teamwork so it’s great to hang around and cheer your colleagues on.
We encourage everyone to stay or come back for the closing ceremony when we will have a very short speech and present the prizes and trophies for the winners .. while you replenish the calories with some refreshments.


The Corporate Treadmill Marathon Rules can be found here.

We aim for the event to be fun, safe and fair.
Please take a moment to review and familiarise yourself with the rules.
For any question please do not hesitate to contact your team captain or on the day, the event coordinator and timekeepers.

FAQ & Important info

What does my entry fee pay for?
In return for your entry fee into the Corporate Treadmill Marathon, you will receive:
A high quality running singlet
A framed certificate for your team
Use of gym facilities including changing rooms, showers & lockers
Drinks and light refreshments (nut bars, fruit, sandwiches, ..) throughout the day
Prizes for the different categories

Is my entry fee a charity donation?

OUTRUN CANCER is a not for profit organisation but it is not yet registered as charity. Therefore, the entry fee is not a charity donation and is NOT tax deductible.
The entry fee is used to cover the material costs of the event and re-invested to continue to develop and expand the event.

Is my entry fee refundable or transferrable?

As per our T&C they are not really.
Having said so, we always try (and so far succeeded) in accommodating requests, so get in touch.

Can I register my whole team in one go?
This can be done when the corporate pays for the entry fee for the whole team. Each runner will still need to register individually. Get in touch and we can make it happen!

When do I receive my t-shirt? And what if it is the wrong size?

It is getting more and more difficult to get the tshirts delivered because of the increased number of companies and that so many wait until the last minute to register.. naughty! We will contact the team captain to arrange delivery/pick up.
We will have a few spares on the day for those who need to swap sizes. First come, first served basis

Where can I leave my bag and belonging

Glad you ask because this is really important. You can use the gym’s changing room and lockers. And you should!
We need to keep the area clear of bags for safety and also because it looks awful on the photos!

Can I use the gym equipment for warm up and additional workout?

Absolutely! And we encourage you to do so.
Depending on the gym, the Personal Trainers may organise “circuits”, completing them will give you a time bonus too!

What do I need to bring?

A water bottle. It is going to be hot and you will sweat. We will provide drinks but you want to make sure you keep re-hydrated using the gym’s bubblers.
We hope you will wear our OC singlets!

What hastags shall I use

We need social media love! Please use #octm @outruncancer @CancerCouncilNSW everywhere!


In each location, trophies will be awarded to:
– The fastest team
– The highest fundraiser team
– The highest fundraiser individual

A special mention for the highest fundraisers and fastest marathon across all the venues.

Refreshments are available throughout the day as energy bars, juices, water, fruit.
Sandwich platters are delivered around 5pm.

Prizes change every year, with the top prizes usually being gym memberships or fitness products.
Prizes are presented during the closing ceremony.

Other freebies include free running t-shirts and products from our sponsors


Cancer Council NSW partner with OUTRUN CANCER


We are taking on unhealthy food marketing to kids! For this event, we have partnered up with Cancer Council NSW to fund an ambitious 3 years, AUD $210K digital campaign to increase public interest and support in order to persuade the government to provide more effective regulations on junk food marketing directed at children. This project will build on the significant research work undertaken by the Nutrition Unit and will build the base of supporters and maintain engagement so that they can be mobilised when the time comes to approach decision makers with our request for policy change.

Every donation does make a difference. This is personal.
Rest assured we will keep you up to date with the outcomes and how they have helped taking a step forward in the race against cancer.


Asking friends and colleagues to fundraise can feel hard and inappropriate at times.. I get it.

The thing is that everyone has their reasons to donate and ask for donations.
“The most successful givers aren’t doing it because they’re being told to. They do it because it gives them joy.”

Nobody will point a finger at you because you care about social causes and ask for donations. Instead, you will be surprised to see the number of people that will positively respond to a call out for support or sponsorship especially if you do it in a creative, personal, genuine and fun way.
The aim is to get more people involved and engaged with the cause, so worst case you have helped on that.

So spread the word with friends and colleagues about what you are doing. It will give them and you joy.


If your corporate operates a dollar matching scheme for charitable donations, all of the sudden the donations you receive are worth double! How great is that!

If you are ensure whether your employer does dollar matching .. ask around! If they do, it would be great to get them involved! You can direct any question your employee may have to us


All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

All your sponsors will receive a receipts within three weeks from the end of the event and their donation will appear on your fundraising totals immediately.


Words cannot express our immense gratitude and pride.

The extraordinary result is evidence that many of you embrace OUTRUN CANCER’s vision as your own, sharing its message with immense passion and drive.

It’s not just the cause – even though our ‘why’ is our strongest motivation to push through any physical or mental barrier.
It’s not just the event, the energy, the team spirit, the running, the PBs, the bright green singlets – although, let’s be honest, all of these things are freakin’ awesome!

It’s about the feeling every one of us, in our own way, has the ability, power and duty to step up to achieve extraordinary things for themselves and for the community.

If we continue to believe we can take OUTRUN CANCER to the next level, year on year, and the projects we fund will help to prevent cancer for many families and friends, sparing many from experience it in their own life, making a dent on cancer…
we may actually achieve just that.

So CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for all the hard work. The road ahead is surely long but we are the right team to take it on, one step at the time.


The vibe and the team around, makes you go faster than you thought possible! So here you go, you have a benchmark for next year Personal Best!

OCTM 2018 Results


#OCTM 2018: AMP Parramatta