Friday, March 23, 2018


Team event

We've raised


Of our target for Cancer Council



Words cannot express our immense gratitude and pride.
The extraordinary result of this year Corporate Treadmill Marathon is evidence that many of you embrace OUTRUN CANCER’s vision as your own, sharing its message with immense passion and drive.

It’s not just the cause – even though our ‘why’ is our strongest motivation to push through any physical or mental barrier.
Or just the event, the energy, the team spirit, the running, the PBs, the bright green singlets – although, let’s be honest, all of these things are freakin’ awesome!
It’s about the feeling every one of us, in our own way, has the ability, power and duty to step up to achieve extraordinary things for themselves and for the community.

If we continue to believe we can take OUTRUN CANCER to the next level, year on year, and the projects we fund will help to prevent cancer for many families and friends, sparing many from experience it in their own life, making a dent on cancer…
we may actually achieve just that.

So CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for all the hard work.
The road ahead is surely long but we are the right team to take it on, one step at the time.

Let’s keep running!


Our first time at Fitness First Market Street, and what a Corporate Treadmill Marathon we had!
RS Trainers team from The Running Science really smoked the field, by setting the current record for the fastest treadmill marathon to 02:10! Pretty insane stuff! Congratulations!! The CBA Women team heads the fundraising effort with an amazing $3,040. 
Congratulation to all for the fantastic day and support!

Madison MarcusMadison Marcus02:48 $2,029
BamboraRunnersBambora03:42 $1,895
Run For Your LifeASX03:30 $2,000
GBST TrottersGBST03:14 $1,163
Your Pace or Mine?Commonwealth Bank03:05 $2,720
CBA Women CANCommonwealth Bank03:22 $3,040
Industrie FitIndustrie & Co03:27 $1,220
FB Rice RunnersFB Rice02:58 $1,535
RS TrainersRunning Science02:10$990


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