2019 CF Druitt Street

Corporate Treadmill Marathon


It’s always hard to find the right words to express the immense gratitude and pride I feel after each OUTRUN CANCER Corporate Treadmill Marathon. 

2019 has been another year of great successes. All health clubs were packed of runners having fun. Marathon times and fundraising records have been smashed. Our research project fully funded with $$ left to kick start our next campaign.

You all deserve a huge THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS for all the hard work. But I am sure you will agree with me that a special mention goes to the following people: 

Jason Ibrahim – AMP CQ Health Club manager. The most inspiring, energetic and positive person I know. Every year he single-handedly delivers an event which is a tribute to life, health and team camaraderie. And he’s not a shabby runner, either!

Allison Celebrin – AMP Parramatta Health Club manager. Another true force of nature. With her smile, passion and the best proteins bars the world has ever tasted, she is the Parramatta team leader. Year after year the events there have been bigger, better and more fun thanks to her.

Chris Jensen – Highest fundraiser. He decided that his fundraising record from last year wasn’t enough. From the first day until the very last, despite his “win” was guaranteed for weeks, he kept rallying up the troop, colleagues, friends and fans for fundraising. His total fundraising for this year was an impressive $8,625!

Once more, to everyone who was involved – runners, fundraisers, volunteers, sponsors, gym managers.. Thank you. Because of you, it is worth Not Giving Up

2019 AMP Circular Quay
2019 AMP Parramatta
2019 CF Druitt Street


First year at Crunch Fitness Health Club, and what a fantastic event this was. Such a welcoming club! And we pumped the music as hard as we could! 
And look at the amazing fundraising from Madison Markus! 

Congratulation to all – you guys never stop to amaze

Team Corporate Time Fundraising
Pure Runners Pure Running 03:29:08 $3,403.00
Madison Marcus Law Firm Madison Marcus Law Firm Pty Ltd 03:20:00 $3,510.00
Better Running Outcomes Program CBA 03:11:00 $2,880.00
Allan Gray And Orbis Allan Gray And Orbis 03:11:00 $2,070.00
FB Rice FB Rice 03:07:07 $1,900.00
GBST Trotters GBST 03:31:00 $2,120.00
MenTAL Toughness TAL 02:39:59 $1,455.00
Bambora Bambora 03:26:00 $1,220.00
Industrie & Fit Industrie & Co 03:36:00 $1,170.00
Seven Billion Reasons Mylan 03:47:00 $1,010.00


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