EOFY 2015 – time to celebrate

It’s End of Financial Year! Time to …. celebrate!

Colin is still crunching the numbers but it looks we will have a positive Profit and Loss statement for the year!
This is a welcome news, we can give ourselves a large double espresso as bonus! The remaining (~10k) goes back in to grow.

In 2015 we built a proprietary fundraising platform to replace EverydayHero. It enhanced the user experience and delivered a cost saving of $6,300. We will continue building on it, fixing a few bugs and add functionalities.
We also invested in few essential team collaboration and admin services to to improve communication efficiencies.

All team members, including me, are not paid for the work we do for OC so time is the currency in demand.
We are looking to open a part-time position for the day to day operations, marketing and support to the fundraisers and work with external providers to offload some services.
Do you know someone who may be interested in the challenge?

So.. what’s the plan from here?

For the next 12 months the plan is to make the AUSTRALIAN TAKEOVER INEVITABLE!

We will not do it in one year but it’s totally achievable. YOU play the main role on making this possible.

So the area of focus will be to deliver YOU outstanding, fun and inspiring events and make sure the projects we deliver have an impact. So that you can’t hold back from telling your colleagues and friends in the other capital cities.
And if we have done this already, why not start from BRISBANE and ADELAIDE where we have scheduled events this August
Does your company have offices there? Do have friends or colleagues you can recommend us to?

The Outrun Cancer Scholarship and charity work

In January, CARLOS NUNEZ started the 4 years “Outrun Cancer Scholarship” assignment. This 160K project was funded in little over 15 months, via #OCTM and #OUTRACECANCER events.
We look forward to share with you a progress update at the end of the year.

In October 2014, we joined forces with The Gut Foundation, to help funding project that can save many lives from bowel cancer through early detection. We look forward to continue the work from where it was left off.

Going forward, a new OUTRUN CANCER Advisory Committee will vote and decide on the new projects to fund.
The committee is comprised of 2 members from OC Board (Brad and I), 2 representative from CCNSW community programs, 2 representative from CCNSW cancer research team.
The committee will accepts submission of projects by any charity and research centre.

We are looking to organise cancer prevention and motivational workshops to be held at corporates.
What do you think and would you be interested in hosting one in your office?

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