End Of Financial Year 2016 – And the gift of life

To all our wonderful runners and supporters,

End of financial year is a great opportunity for organisations to reflect on the year passed and the one ahead. It is an opportunity to ensure performance and values remain in line with the organisation original vision and purpose. And make adjustments where needed.

This year I have been blessed with the gift of life. Twice.
Two weeks ago, our daughter Allegra was born. She is healthy and beautiful like mum, and I’m the happiest person in the world.
On the weekend, while out for a run on an unusual route at my local park, I saw a gentleman on the ground unconscious and not breathing after falling face first. After CPR and clearing his airways and what felt like an eternity, he started breathing again. I’m grateful I happened to be there in that moment.

We don’t necessarily get to see the direct impact of what we do with OUTRUNCANCER. We fund projects and research and we advocate for prevention.

I know that ultimately It’s about giving life and saving lives. Inspire and giving hope to many.

I feel that in 2016 our efforts were in line with our cause, we made our little contribution.
We plan to continue in 2017 – only ever slightly better!
I also believe there has never been a better time to do what we do – we are in the right place at the right time to make all the difference.

It is with enormous pride I would like to share with you some highlights for the year, the plans for 2017 and update you on the projects we have contributed to so far.

Thank you and well done to you all for the wonderful 2016. 

Run healthy, run free.


2012.. 2013.. 14.. 15.. 16 and 2017!

We certainly came a long way since our first OUTRUN CANCER Corporate Treadmill Marathon in 2012!

Like in every marathon, we kept putting one foot in front of the other despite all. 5 years on, we have a track record of success and growth. 

2016 was a record year for our OCTMs: 5 events simultaneously in Sydney, 400 runners and $133,000 in donations. For a grand total of $438,000 since we started!

We are particularly pleased with the result of our first “on-site” event, at AMP.
Organised in just over three weeks, it was the fastest, loudest and the second biggest event for participation and donations. The biggest success was the involvement of teams from across the organisation which boosted camaraderie and some healthy rivalry for the fittest team! It was also a great opportunity to spread our message, as a company-wide campaign.

For 2017, the only way is forward of course! 

We want to explore opportunities for more “private” events.
The likes of CBA and Macquarie already enter enough teams to fill up a gym by themselves! How about a “AMP only” , “CBA only”, Macquarie only , UBS … OCTM? Have the marathon at your company foyer or a gym close by. Imagine the buzz!
If this is something you think you can help develop with your company – just let us know, and will organise to catch up and discuss further. Don’t be afraid to be the leader in your organisation for something great.

Because we are ambitious, we are again evaluating expanding. New Castle, Wollongong, Melbourne and Brisbane are all in the cards.
You can help us by letting us know if your company has presence in these cities or you have friends/colleagues/clients/relatives you would like to get involved.

As a foot note, the last “crazy challenge” from Luca is dated 2015.. I’m sure he must be coming up with something else soon!!


Expression of interest for 2017 are OPEN – Guidelines and Grant Assessment Criterias

OUTRUN CANCER Advisory board is out on a hunt for the next big exciting project to fund!
The board will reconvene early September to review and shortlist the applications. As always, we welcome applications from private researchers, universities, other charities as per guidelines above. So, if you are involved with any organisation, or know someone who is and would like to know more, contact us !

Healthy Lunchbox mobile site – update
With funding from Outrun Cancer, CCNSW are working towards creating a Healthy Lunch Box digital tool for parents. The tool will promote the importance of healthy eating and help parents plan and pack a healthy lunch box.
Key insights from CCNSW parent interviews and surveys include:
• Top four challenges in packing a healthy lunch box are variety, fussy eaters, time to prepare and child’s food preferences.
• There are many different approaches to lunch box planning from some being planned in advance and foods added to the shopping list to no planning and decisions being made on the day. For others lunch box packing is routine with little variation.
• Involvement of children in lunch box packing varied from children being involved in planning and shopping, children making choices on the day based on foods available in the home, to parents making lunch box decisions based on knowledge of children’s food preferences.
• Parents want practical ideas that are realistic for school lunches, quick for them to make and easy for their child to eat.
• The main three sources of lunch box ideas are: their own ideas/knowledge; online (social media and websites), and magazines.

Creative agencies have been evaluated for suitability to develop the digital tool and ustwo have been chosen as the preferred agency for CCNSW to work with.
CCNSW Nutrition Unit and Digital Team is aiming to commence development of the Healthy Lunch Box digital tool with ustwo in September 2017 for the project to be completed by January 2017 for launch in the back to school period in late January/early February 2017.

The development process will include extensive user testing with parents. We would love you to be involved, if interested just follow the link.

Clear Study – Impact of bmi, physical activity, diet on cancer in the NSW community , Year 2
The focus of the Outrun Cancer PhD is to examine the “fit but fat’ hypothesis on cancer risk. That is, can high levels of physical activity lower the effect of obesity on cancer risk? To date, the Outrun Cancer PhD has found no significant link between physical activity and obesity on any of the cancers examined.

This is a really exciting outcome. The lack of interaction between obesity and physical activity on cancer risk, may suggest that if you are obese but are physically active, then you still have an increased risk of developing cancer. This could mean that overall weight maintenance is key to reducing cancer risk, not physical activity alone, Outrun Cancer PhD researcher will be repeating this study with a significantly larger sample of 260,000 people, to confirm these preliminary results and broaden the number of cancer types studied.

This work has been accepted for a poster presentation at the upcoming Australasian Epidemiological Association Conference in Canberra (Sept 2016) and at the International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health in Bangkok, Thailand (16-19 November 2016).


Winter is coming and the next Corporate Treadmill Marathon is far away.
Don’t worry! It’s not all lost! There are plenty of great opportunities to keep you moving and inspired. Here out top picks:

07 August – CP Ultra: Epic event for those keen to get out of their comfort zone
19 August – Luca breakfast run: This year from Maroubra to Palm Beach
21 August – Rio Olympics: You can relax on your sofa watching this
3 September – Coastal classic: Can’t get a more stunning run than this
18 September – Sydney running festival: Can’t say no to a marathon on home turf
16 October – Melbourne marathon: A good excuse for nice food and coffee
4 December – WA ironman: Just to spicy it up a little

With so many options to choose from – what’s your excuse?

Macquarie Group Foundation
AMP Foundation ()
Cancer Council NSW
Goodlife Health Clubs
Fitness First
Evolution to Wellbeing
Balanced Bodies Lifestyle Clinic
Roccet Engraving
HealthyMama Magazine

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