FUNdraising, teaming up for a purpose

Every so often I kept asking myself about alternatives that I could explore to give back, support, help those who are going through a hard time while I’ve been generously blessed. Although as I continually asked myself about these alternatives, the conundrum around my initiative did not lie on coming up with ideas, but on taking the bull by the horns and acting upon my desire. I believe this is the case for most of us, we are human and we have a need to be social and support, well aware of all those many that are hoping to receive that helping hand. Unfortunately the train that takes us through this path is not for everyone, and that is why I truly admire those who actively participate on providing the platforms and tools for more of us to connect and give back.

This blog I’m writing today, looks to ignite the helping flare in those of us who’d like to know how to become more active. Like I said, it’s not something for all of us, but we can all sure help in different ways. There are certain matters that we can all learn from, for me, thanks to my marketing background, it was first about selecting a reason. Let’s be honest to ourselves on this, there are so many motivations or causes that we’d like to support, but which ones or which one will get us up from our bed and participate? I think the most important reason to actively participate (I emphasise on actively because those who don’t have the drive not necessarily have to do it this way), is finding that cause. Whether it’s children, diseases, nature, the elderly, water, education, less favourable communities, what cause do you want to support?

The importance of the reason on actively participating falls on its ability to connect with your purpose for doing this. When we FUNdraise, we don’t just chip in with our loose change (although this is definitely a way that many big corporates are using today with great results), but what I mean goes deeper. When FUNdraising we invite others to connect, to believe that our help can, as small as it may be, truly make a difference. Our attitude when we are connected to the purpose will also be reflected, allowing others to connect in a more profound way.

I remember a few days ago on a national flight in Australia, after the plane landed we were asked in a very low inspiring manner by the stewardess to donate our loose change for … I can’t even remember. Today I just think on how much greater results the airline would have gotten if they had at least showed a video or handed out some information around the cause they are supporting. The problem about this is that since they have already fundraised a significant amount in their program, they are not asking themselves how to get more… their purpose is not being transmitted.

The previous example is only to strengthen the fact of finding THAT cause we want to support. It becomes personal, and others will most likely want to back you up when there is meaning behind it. Therefore my main recommendation today, is on making sure we identify the purpose that can drive us to make a greater difference. Keep in mind there are endless reasons and that the first step is to believe we can do it. Do you have what it takes?


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