Are you a graphic designer? Here is your opportunity to shine!
We are currently seeking a motivated graphic designer who can help us give our website and brochures a refresher.

Responsibilities include:

tickdefining pictures’ templates for website and blog.

tickpost production of selected OC events’ photos to be used on website and brochures.

tickselection of images for the different pages and sections of the website.

tickwork with the copyrighter to find the best imagery to complement key messages and OC brand

This is a volunteer position and although we cannot pay for your time but only reimburse your expenses, we are happy to be reference for your pro bono work and work experience.

Perks of the position are:
tickgood coffee at meetings (or post “on the run” meetings).

tickcreative freedom.

Preferred tools are Adobe Photoshop & InDesign, Apple Keynote.



We need skilled photographers and/or videographers for our events.

Responsibilities include:

tickTaking photos and/videos at our events. This will generally require you to arrive at 1pm and stick around until 5pm

tickPost production of selected images to be used on website and brochures

This is a volunteer position but we are generally able to allocate a small budget to cover for your expenses and part of your time. Please get in touch with a quote!