Presented by Technogym – Sydney Fitness Show April 29/30 2017

Multiple GUINNESS WORLD RECORD attempts for the furthest distance ran on a treadmill in 24 hours.
Part of the Sydney Fitness Show at Sydney Convention Centre in Darling Harbour from Saturday April 29th 10AM to Sunday April 30th 10AM.

Here we are again running non stop on a treadmill for 24 hours.
This time it’s not just a run, it’s not just a fundraiser.
We raised the stakes to guinness world records and a 6 digits degree of generosity.

I believe Australia has the runners with the talent, the passion and the courage to bring home these records.

For a runner there are important “A races” every other month.
This is one of those opportunities which happens only once, an “A race” you will remember forever and regret if you miss it.
This is a genuine and serious attempt to achieve something was never done before. It’s a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD.

The records

Individual Male – 1 runner : 261km, 5:31 pace – This will be attempted by me. – DONATE

Male Team – 12 runners : 453km, 3:10 pace
Pulse Performance Athlete (1)Confirmed
David ByrneInterested - TBC
Jeff HuntConfirmed
Vlad ShatrovInterested - TBC
Brendan Davies Interested - TBC
Ben St Lawrence Confirmed
Martin Dent Interested - TBC
Ben LiddyConfirmed
Pulse Performance Athlete (2)Confirmed
Pulse Performance Athlete (3) Confirmed
Pulse Performance Athlete (4) Confirmed
Is this you?
Is this you?(reserve)
Is this you?(reserve)
Is this you?(reserve)
Is this you?(reserve)
Female Team – 12 runners : 344km, 4:11 pace
Laura JamesConfirmed
Victoria MitchellConfirmed
Cassie Fien Interested - TBC
Lexy GilmourConfirmed
Shannon RichardsInterested - TBC
Renee EverettConfirmed
Kate CoburnInterested - TBC
Lauren ReidInterested - TBC
Erika JordanConfirmed
Amy ElizabethInterested - TBC
Jacqueline O’ConnorConfirmed
Is this you?
Is this you?(reserve)
Is this you?(reserve)
Is this you?(reserve)
Is this you?(reserve)
Mixed Team – 48 runners : no record attempt
Enda StankardGavin SuttonIs this you?
Christopher StromGay WilsonIs this you?
Lachlan OakesJacob Fleming-GaleIs this you?
Anthony BiggsJoe WardsIs this you?
Jonathan FentonScott GilbertsonIs this you?
Michael KillicoatNicole SlyIs this you?
Philip DoveIs this you?Is this you?
Jeet AichIs this you?Is this you?
Brendan FehonIs this you?Is this you?
Toby HedgelandIs this you?Is this you?
Bronwyn ArmytageIs this you?Is this you?
Jason IbrahimIs this you?Is this you?
Brad SuttonIs this you?Is this you?
Derek BurrowsIs this you?Is this you?
Steven NewmanIs this you?Is this you?
Kim Mcintosh(reserve)

A sensational Team effort

oc-gwr-the-core-teamDon’t be fooled, this is a huge undertake, not only for the running but also for the “behind the scene”, with almost 200 people involved.
This is a showcase of unity, camaraderie and how together we can achieve extraordinary things.

While it’s obvious that all the runners will have to work together and for each other to take the record home, people may not realise that to make this happen we will have around 100 people working behind the scenes.

I would like to recognise the fundamental role of the core team.
And we need more!
So if you would like to get involved as official timekeeper for the GWR, supporter the runners, social media spammer or maybe do some karaoke/entertainment during the night… Click here to submit your EXPRESSION OF INTEREST to help

The cause

Ultimately, the GWR attempt is a way to raise some awareness and funds for those who can’t run.

In 2015, when we ran for 24h in Martin Place square we raised $104,000 for Cancer Prevention.
We want to repeat the fantastic fundraising. The goal is to raise $100.000 for Camp Quality, a charity delivering programs to support families with kids affected by cancer.
$100.000 will support 30 families for one year, giving them access to all CQ services such as family camps (weekend break away from the worries of treatments and living with cancer), hospital support, children school education programs, and more.

For those like me, who have kids or are around kids and happened to visit a hospital and see children and families that are doing it tough, 24/7, 7 days a week, for weeks and months on end; this is a privilege to be able to use a passion to give back and make someone else life a little better.

I believe when our running community and the public will come together, we will achieve something truly incredible.

Sponsorship packages

Most of the records were set last year in Canada. On the day, the hashtag of the record was one of the trending topics in Facebook.
We are putting a tremendous amount of effort in the marketing, PR and the logistics of the event to ensure it will engage, entertain and inspire the audience. Before, during and after the event.

And YES this is going to be HUGE.
And YES your company can be part of it.

We have different level of sponsorship which are the lifeblood of all this happening.
If you believe in what we believe, that we have the privilege to help others doing something we love, please contact Luca directly to discuss further.

Other info

With Robbo as our official MC, supporters will be able to tune in to our online video live streaming for the full 24 hours. In addition, we will produce a video documentary to be shown at the RunNation film festival nation wide.

At this stage we are looking for an expression of interest from talented and generous runners willing to go all out for their chance to get their name in the guinness world record book.
If it was easy everyone would do it.

More info on the concept, the format, the challenge.

While we are waiting the acceptance of our application and official rules from the Guinness World record, from all we know we envisage the attempt as follows.

– The attempt will be hosted at the Sydney fitness show with over 150 exhibitors from different fitness brand.
– Technogym is our presenting partner offering the space and equipment at their huge central stand, with 5 treadmills (one is for backup/warm up)
– The teams will have runners taking turns every 30 minutes/1 hour. Runners will manage their schedule with 24/7 access during the event.
– The attempt will be video streamed online for the full 24 hours. A documentary will be released at the RunNation film festival.
– Robbo will be on MC duty during the event.
– Sunday 10AM, final countdown for the 24hours and presentation. (Huge party when we break the records)

– Teams and Runners will have pages to collect donations for the cause.
– People will be able to donate and PLEDGE additional money if the records are broken. In other words, we raise the stakes here to deliver on the records.
– The PR and Marketing campaign for fundraising will be run by Technogym, Camp Quality, other event partners and OUTRUN CANCER marketing and channels.
– We envisage some media interest and coverage of the attempt.
– We expect all runners to contribute sharing the word with their network & running clubs.

It’s a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD, not a jog in the park.

There are many races you can train for and do instead. The truth is that in few years time you won’t even remember what they were. You will remember forever the time you missed a Guinness World Record Attempt.

I have absolute faith in the abilities of all top runners I admire to come together and put up a great show, break the records and show the strength of the running community to do good for others.

For all that concern my individual record attempt, I’m putting it all on the table. Leaving no stones unturned. I’m shitless to be honest. The only chance I have to make this real is with the support of each and everyone of you.

Why not us?

Lastly, really.. why are you so obsessed by this 24 hours and why Camp Quality?

At 10 months of age, my son had a medical procedure which had some complications. For the following 12 months he had to go back to the hospital several times. This was very hard for him and extremely stressful time for our family. It tested our resilience, love and belief system to the core. He is ok now, and while my wife and I are grateful beyond words that this it’s all behind us, I must admit I am not over that feeling of seeing him suffer and feeling incapable of helping.

Going to children hospital showed us the crude reality of many families and kids that are doing it a thousand times harder than what we went through. 24/7 constant worrying, for months and years at the time. Sometimes with very little or no hope for a positive outcome.
I can’t even start to comprehend how hard it must be for these families and how hopeless the parents must feel.
So my wife and I wanted to do something to make life a little better for these families – even if just for one day. A chance to build memories away from the stress of treatment and life with cancer. And Camp Quality does just that (and a thousand things more!)

I want to dedicate each hour of my run to a family.
If we can visualise what these kids and families are going through every day, I believe we can all endure the pain of the running.
If we can inspire others and make them realise the importance of our cause, we can really make a dent on cancer.