Help us raise $100,000 for Camp Quality and break a few Guinness Records along the way



Days to go

The Teams

On the 29th of April, at the Sydney Fitness Show at the International Convention Centre four teams will run for 24 hours to raise $100,000 for Camp Quality and attempt to break a few records along the way. We are very excited to support Camp Quality in their endeavour to create a better life for every child living with cancer in Australia. The $100,000 raised will support 30 families for one year, giving them access to all of Camp Quality’s programs and services.

Male Solo Team

One runner with a big support team to keep him fed, focused, motivated and moving for 24 hours straight… Read more

Female Team

Run like a girl… you wish! 12 superfast elite female athletes going all out to take home the record… Read more

Male Team

The pace required by the 12 male runners, is nothing short than incredible. Such is the line up of the male team… Read more

Mixed Team

Up to 48 runners, taking turns and running as hard as they can for the cause and to see how close they can get to the elites… Read more


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