Okay, maybe running on a treadmill doesn’t exactly sound like fun to you. But here’s the thing: the OUTRUN CANCER Corporate Treadmill Marathon is so much more than just running on a treadmill…

Yes, it’s sweaty. Yes, it’s challenging. But it’s also an amazingly uplifting experience that you’ll always remember.

The rules? You and your team (between 4 and 21 people) will be running a full marathon without ever stopping the treadmill.
But you only have 4 hours to smash through those kilometres!

And it’s not just for seasoned runners – you can run, jog or shuffle for as much or as little as you want. You can dress up, dress down or do it naked for all we care. So long as you’re having fun!

⟶ Are you up for the challenge?


RUN Complete the challengein 4 hours
PREVENT Raise funds forcancer prevention
INSPIRE Change your life andthe life of others


Isn’t it time you got out of your comfort zone? We know it’s… well, comfy there. But seriously, just think how much you could achieve if you pushed yourself a little bit harder.

By taking part to the Corporate Treadmill Marathon you will:


Our Corporate Treadmill Marathon is the ultimate team bonding experience! You and your colleagues will plan together, run together and sweat together to reach your goal – to get to the end of those 42.2km!

Who’s faster, you or your boss? Can the Accounts team beat the guys in Sales?
Now’s the time to find your inner competitor and set it free!


Whether you’re planning to break the marathon record or simply survive the run without crying or throwing up,
this is the challenge for you.
To keep you motivated, at each event we also have fantastic prizes for the fastest team, highest fundraiser, coolest outfit and even the most exhausted runner!

Get ready to sweat your way to success.


The sad truth is that most of us have been – or will be – affected by cancer in some way. But rather than waiting around for a miracle cure, we’re taking it on head on!

Think of it this way. Every minute you spend pounding that treadmill raises more funds for cancer research, awareness and education – while also building a healthier and stronger you.