July 27 : a day for celebrations

No chance I am going to forget July 27th 2014.

It was already a special day being my 36th birthday and the 1st “birthday” of OUTRUN CANCER.
Now it’s even more special as the day I met my firstborn son Lorenzo!

(If you wonder, yes. I did play the numbers 27 and 7 at the lotto. And, btw, I am transcripting this post from a recording I’ve done while trying to get Lorenzo to sleep… it took only 40 minutes! )

Leaving all the emotions of fatherhood and age aside, I wanted to stop a second and reflect on the first 12 months of OUTRUN CANCER.

As most people, I have the tendency to be very hard on myself, focusing on the long way ahead without recognising all the ground already covered. Although this is a useful approach to keep the momentum going, it’s also a very risky one. It may send you in a vortex of doubts when things do not go exactly as expected. And let’s admit it, they hardly ever do go the way you expected.

So let’s change perspective and look at what I have achieved so far.

Firstly, I survived! And I want to continue on!
Make no mistake, it has not been a smooth journey, mostly uphill, with many moments of doubts. But I am excited and motivated to continue this journey. No matter the investment in time, money and energy I have already made, I am ready to do it all over again.
I learnt heaps on the way. Things I would have never learnt if I didn’t try and my mindset and comfort zone has widened as result. I worked on business aspect of sales, marketing, product development, strategy, legal and so forth, making every day a unique opportunity to learn and apply something new. I’m getting better at it every day, and that’s a very rewarding feeling.

In the last 12 months I dug deep to identify the values OC offers to participants, community and sponsors and I think I now nailed it. And this is fundamental to secure sponsors and partners in 2015 – a crucial step in achieving the goal of business sustainability and 100% fundraising to the cause.

We had 3 successful Corporate Treadmill Marathons, with 3 more in the pipeline for the next couple of months. The feedback from participants and hosts has been very positive, with an increased participation and funds raised for charity than any of the previous years. I have been asked to organise company hosted #OCTM, interstate and even overseas! This must be a good sign, right!?

From the fundraising front, the first “OUTRUN CANCER scholarship” is now offered to researchers involved with Cancer Council CLEAR study. A tangible result I am very proud to report back to all the supporters and participants to our events.
We committed to fundraise for The Gut Foundation, which specialises in the prevention of Bowel cancer, the second most common and highly preventable cancer.

I am particularly grateful and excited about the team of 4 MBA students from UTS who will help OC over the next few months. Looking at our 5 years goal, they will define OC corporate governance and the different stepping stones in between.

I have also invested on the OC website. Hosting is now done in Sydney over encrypted connection for performance and security, and it will be soon powered by our own registration and fundraising system. This will effectively replace EverydayHero delivering lower cost for the fundraising, easier management and will allow us to scale.

Australian States13357
Number of participants400800120020003000
Target donations$150,000$250,000$350,000$500,000$1,000,000+
And for the next year?

Well, the plan is to make 2015 a BIG year.

We will concentrate in growing the Corporate Treadmill Marathon. The target is an additional 12 events, expanding interstate and working with different gyms. I also started the conversations and feasibility study for a “grand-final” event, for the highest fundraisers and fastest teams, to be held outdoor.

We have changed the engagement model with our partner charities, to reinvest part of the donations back into OUTRUN CANCER, to grow the #OCTM and make it a national success.

On the running front I am also pretty happy how the last 12 months went.
I ran a fast 10km and half marathon (Sydney), two marathons (Verona and Lake Garda), one ironman (Western Australia) and three ultras (Mexico, Grand Canyon, Bondi to Palm Beach).
I didn’t run and competed as much as I would have liked to but I reached my goal: to run injury free.

In the next 12 months I can hopefully take on few more races (maybe a 100miles or 24 hrs) and new “crazy challenges”.
Maybe 2015 is the year I can realise my “24 hours on treadmill Guinness attempt”…

Certainly, the thing I am most looking forward to, is running with my wife Lidia and push Lorenzo on the running pram.

Run healthy,
Run free

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