Marathon #12 : Toscana – Viareggio 04/04/2012

Another wonderful city, great route and company, excellent run.

I was 19 when I visited Viareggio the first and only time. It was during the military service. Understandably, the only thing I did back then was to go to bars trying to hook up with local girls. Between a bar and another I had a glance to the buildings and city layout but with no much interest really. 15 years later, I’m back. I didn’t have a single beer, I’ve run 42km around Viareggio and surrounding and checked out every building. How time changes things!

I found Viareggio a very elegant place. Every hotel, every building, every “bagno” (restaurant/bar with private beach) have particularities that make it interesting and unique. So it was a real pleasure to run here. Especially because the whole run was on bike path, dead straight and flat with no chance of taking wrong turns. As a result, my running pace was uninterrupted and unexpectedly faster than yesterday. I tried very hard not to get carried away in the moment as few times I got close to 5 mins/km, a bit too fast for my end goal. I have to run 20 marathons, not 5, not 12, not 19 but 20. Doesn’t really matter how long it will take me, the important thing is that I run 20. So I need to play it conservative and make sure I don’t do anything stupid.. like going out too fast with so many more marathons to tick off the list.

With the sky promising rain, Lidia and I left this morning with the plan for me to run the marathon and Lidia to follow with her bicycle till km 32 and run with me the last 10km. All went well from the start and my foot didn’t hurt till the last couple of km. We run the whole distance along the promenade from Viareggio to Forte dei Marmi. Can only imagine how busy this place must be during the Viareggio Carnival (very famous in Italy) and summer. It certainly deserves all the success it has.

Kilometers went down well with nothing mayor to report beside that instead of Lidia running the last 10km, we decided for her to leave her bike at 5km to the end. She would run 5km with me faster than her normal pace and than turn around and go back to the bike. The reason for that is that I didn’t want to break my rhythm/pace as Lidia is normally much slower than that. Turns out that Lidia was on a good day today and she did a very fast 10km. So we could have run together and enjoyed the scenery and I could have avoided a 10km bike ride (first 5km sprint!) that, after a marathon, took it out of me.

Anyway, marathon 12 is done, this mark 60% of my challenge. Tomorrow is a rest day, I will try to get in town and be 19 again!


What could I ask more? Well.. we could have been in 50-60 people and raised 5000$.


The stats of the run are:

Time: 3h:51,

Distance: 42.20

Participants: 2 (Lidia and I!)

Food: 3 Lidia’s power bar, 1 gel, 1.75l water

Garmin GPS :

Highlights: Find the bunga bunga bar!

Low points: None

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