Marathon #16 : Trentino Alto Adige – Trento 10/04/2012

The effect of the cortisone injection is officially gone. This morning I felt every single step like a needle in my plantar and up my calf. I picked up the pace to spend as little time as possible on my legs. But there is no point of me talking about my “pain”, when I am running for a cause like cancer research. People affected by cancer and their family go through a far greater amount of pain, physical and psychological. They do not have a choice. They didn’t ask for it. This is the point where I need to look back at my motivations for running, dig deep and keep going, one step at the time.

It was great to see Anna and meet her boyfriend David and their little son Zeno. Zeno and I only met virtually for now, he gave me a high 5 from inside his mummy’s tummy! This is the first time I felt a baby moving/punching/kicking from someone’s tummy.. something I am sure I’ll remember forever. Anna and David have been the perfect hosts for Lidia and I, exhausted after 3 weeks on the road and from Aosta’s tough day. They made us feel like home, literally. Monday’s session of sofa and documentaries on tv was all we needed!

This morning run was an out and back from Trento centre, on the bicycle path next to the Adige river. I started with Fabio, a guy from Palermo that moved to Trento just last week. He saw one of the million fliers that Anna hung all around Trento and decided to join me for 4km.. what a great effort! For the rest of the run, I was on my own. To be honest, I was happy to be on my own today. I was expecting a hard run and I really needed some time on my own to test and embrace whatever happened. At km 18, Lidia joined me for 6km to keep me company and to test her legs for the Milano marathon coming up on Sunday. I am certainly pushing my body running 20 marathons in 29 days but Lidia is also doing her part, her first 2 marathons in a month and in between God knows how many km driving and cycling! She is a star.
In the first part of the run I noticed that I felt comfortable with a 5:20 pace and that a slightly faster pace meant a shorter touch on ground. So from km 24 onwards, I picked up the pace a bit more to test this theory further 🙂 I tried to maintain a 5min/km pace and I’m happy that I managed to do it most of the time. If my foot permits, hopefully this is a pace I can keep on Sunday too.
No much rest today as we make our way to Lignano for marathon number 17. That means 4 more runs to go, we are getting close. I just need to keep focus!



Time: 3:44,
Distance: 42.20,
Number participants : 3
Food/Hydration: 1 power bar, 1 energy gel, 1.4 liters of water
Garmin GPS:
Highlights: Keeping a faster pace and feeling reasonably ok

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