Marathon #1 – 18/03/2012 – LAZIO, ROMA

What a beautiful run! I couldn’t have chosen a better place to start this adventure. Running in Rome is really something else. And the people that were with us today made it even a more special day… thanks to my sis Bea for coming all the way to Milan, sleeping the first freezing night in the camper with us and walking all around Rome to take pictures! Thanks to Lidia’s parents and Lorena for travelling from Naples to spend 2-3 hours with us and cheer along the way. Thanks to Angus and Julie for running their first ever marathon with us, such an honour!

I’m relieved that the first run is out of the way. I’ve been itching to start for too long. I can finally relax and focus just on the challenge ahead of me. It’s been a long week already and I need a good night sleep as the real challenge starts tomorrow morning. My second marathon and the first one on my own, on an unknown route I designed myself… fingers crossed. Alarm goes off at 5am to fly to Sardinia.

I’ll write the blog entry on my way there, so stay tuned for an update on how the Rome marathon went. I have a few interesting things to tell.

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