Marathon #4 : Basilicata – Policoro 23/03/2012

Today I ran marathon number 4, in Basilicata. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get in touch with the local running group so it was only Lidia and I. Lidia cycling with all the food and drink in the bicycle basket and me, with my sexy socks… what a couple! But no one paid attention… because we met no one, we were alone for the 42km route!

The run went up the hills of Policoro, with a nice uphill that I really enjoyed … Lidia didn’t like it that much . This reminds me when I cycle in Sydney… so many hills! Policoro countryside is simply beautiful, with fields of strawberries, artichokes and fennel, hundreds of apple, orange, lemon, peach and cherry trees. Every now and then we met people working the fields that waved at us. More often, dogs would bark and run after at us… that’s when all the speed work comes handy!

The first 25km went very well, my legs felt great and the uphill made things interesting… I love the hills as they take away the boredom of the flat roads and you use different muscles. From km25 onwards, I started to feel tired, my right hamstring started to annoy me. An energy gel and a powerbar later I was ok. Around km30, my GPS wanted us to run in the fields… literally. So Lidia and I had to improvise. We followed our instinct and asked the only person we met on the road for directions. We followed a road parallel to the one initially planned and arrived at the finish line a couple of km short. So we did an extra short loop to get to 42.2km to complete marathon number 4.

Our camper Battista was parked close to the sea, so while Lidia cooked an awesome lunch, I headed straight to the water for my 10min of cold bath. Given the warm day, I dived in for a short swim. Happily I did as this as it ended up being my shower for the day! The road to the next stage (Calabria) is long so no time to waste.

As a note, the owner of the campground where we stayed – Camping Le Due Barche ( didn’t want us to pay as a sign of support. So to give something back, I can only say go and stay there if you get the chance! The camping is very well organised and it is literally on the sea! Closer and you would get wet! The beach is very long and a perfect location for kitesurfing!

I must admit that today I felt the run on my legs. I don’t know if it was because of the hill or that the previous night I was very tired.

The stats for the day:

Time: 4h:22min,

Distanza: 42.22

Numero partecipanti: 2 (Lidia and I!)

Food: 1gel, 2 Lidia’s power bar, 2 bottles water + electrolite, 1 gatorade

Garmin GPS :

Highlights: Having Lidia on the side in her bycicle and chatting all the way!

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