OUTRUNCANCER Founder and Chief Runner

So you landed on OUTRUN CANCER’s website, you had a look around and you asked yourself “Who the heck is this Luca Turrini guy?”.
I hope you didn’t have high expectations when you got to this page. To tell you the truth Luca is – I am – a very regular guy.

The only thing “special” about me is that I am a runner with a passion for cancer prevention.
I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer in 2011 and that was the catalyst for my change of attitude towards cancer and generally, my lifestyle choices.

With most things in our lives, when there is a problem, we look at the root cause and take action there. We don’t just keep your fingers crossed it will not happen again. If we cannot be 100% sure it won’t happen again, we take all the steps to mitigate the risks that can be mitigated. In other words we take full responsibility.

I feel that we don’t have the same approach towards cancer. We talk about “curing” cancer while, I believe, we should be talking about not getting cancer in the first place. This is what winning the fight against cancer sounds like to me.

Utopia? Impossible? Unrealistic? Maybe. Still this doesn’t justify not trying. Plenty of researches show that cancer can be prevented, mainly through improvement in environment, lifestyle choices and early detection. The percentage of preventable cancers vary anywhere between 30% and 90%.

In my view whatever the actual percentage is, it doesn’t really matter. The fact remains. We have an opportunity to take back responsibility – we don’t have to wait around hoping for the best. What’s more empowering than that?!
Oh well, actually… knowing how to! And that’s what I am aiming to do with OUTRUN CANCER: to raise awareness, share information about prevention and funds specific cancer prevention programs.

Run Healthy
Run Free

OUTRUN CANCER Funder and Chief Runner!


If that wasn’t really what you were after and you want to know a bit more about my stupidly long running – head to lucaturrini.com