We talk the talk and RUN the walk!
OUTRUN CANCER could not exist without the continuos support, energy and work of our team that offer their spare time in support to the cause.
We tried to do it as a single man show but we were going nowhere. We embraced the culture of working together and we rediscovered how much fun and rewarding it is and what a massive difference we can make.
Hail to THE TEAM – you rock!

Interested in joining? Great! Let’s go for a run to discuss more!

LUCA TURRINI – OC Founder, #OCTM Coordinator and runner


Luca is a strong believer that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.
He is known to excite and inspire friends to sign up for marathons and crazy challenges, so he has an excuse to join them.

TERENCE BELL – Advisor and Crazy Running Team honour member

Terence Bell

Terence is an avid explorer and lover of all things green. He is happiest playing in the outdoor world, especially swimming in the deep blue, scaling jagged rocks and running wild frontiers. He is a believer in inner silence yet also loves the sound of chopping coconuts.

Wellness is at the core of his purpose and his life revolves around the simplicity of less is more. He is inspired by courageous people living their dreams and can recite backwards the following mottos: Stay young, stay foolish.

BRAD SUTTON – #OCTM Event Coordinator and Triathlon lover

Brad Sutton

Brad is a supporter of OUTRUN CANCER and a regular Corporate Treadmill Marathon participant.
He is a big sufferer of F.O.M.O. (Fear Of Missing Out), which leads to him regularly signing up for Ironman Triathlons and Ultra-marathons, once his friends sign up.
He needs new friends.

JUAN FELIPE RIOS – #OCTM Marketing and soon to be runner

Juan Felipe Rios

Rios’ motto is to always go the extra mile no matter how small or big the challenge may be.
His true inspiration comes from the love for his wife, family and his faith. Things he can’t live without (besides his wife), are travelling, sports and learning.
Through his career, marketing, planning & strategy have become the pillars of how he now pursues his goals.

ANDREA CORREDOR RIOS – #OCTM Graphic Design & Social Media


Considered a geek by many, Andrea has a passion for movies, music, art and sports (& her husband of course!).
She’s in a constant wanderlust, but keeps her feet on the ground by counting her blessings each day.

She’s running the extra mile for OC, hoping her feet will obey!

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” –Henry Ford



To provide guidance to Outrun Cancer in the allocation of funding to research projects, and where requested by Outrun Cancer, other matters relating to strategic development. This Charter will be reviewed every two years and may be amended by a special majority vote of the Advisory Board.


Development of research funding strategy
• To prepare, review and revise a research strategic development plan for Outrun Cancer.
• To commission procedures in accordance with policy for funding of research by Cancer Council and ensure the integrity of those procedures.

Recommendations for research grant funding (and suspension / withdrawal of funding)
• To consider research funding applications and formulate recommendations for research grant funding for the consideration by Outrun Cancer.
• To issue guidelines to assist applicants in their preparation of applications for external research funding.
• To obtain, where considered necessary, scientific and/or consumer review of external funding applications.
• To formulate recommendations for the consideration of the Board on the suspension or withdrawal of funding approval if a project is not being, or cannot be, conducted in accordance with the approved protocol.

Monitoring of funded projects
• To monitor the progress and outputs of projects awarded funding, and in doing so to request and discuss information on any relevant aspects of the project with the investigators at any time.
• To receive from funding recipients reports on progress at least annually, and at completion of the study, as well as an annual statement of income and expenditure.


The Outrun Cancer Advisory Board is comprised of:
• The CEO of Outrun Cancer
• A representative from Macquarie Bank or the Macquarie Group Foundation, nominated by the CEO of Outrun Cancer
• The Regional Manager, Metro Sydney of Cancer Council NSW
• The Community Engagement Manager, Metro Sydney of Cancer Council NSW
• The Director, Cancer Research of Cancer Council NSW or his/her delegate
• The Director, Cancer Programs of Cancer Council NSW or his/her delegate

Members are appointed for so long as they hold the relevant office. A member may be added or removed by a special majority vote of the Advisory Board.

The Chair of the Outrun Cancer Advisory Board shall be the CEO of Outrun Cancer. If the Chair is unavailable for a meeting, the Advisory Board may nominate another member to serve as Chair for that meeting only.

The Committee may ask members to participate in specialised sub-committees from time to time. These sub-committees may make recommendations to the Advisory Board only.

Members are not offered remuneration.


The Advisory Board meets a minimum of twice a year. The Chair may convene additional meetings of the Advisory Board if, in the Chair’s opinion, such additional meetings are necessary. Exceptional circumstances aside, Advisory Board members will be provided with at least 5 business days’ notice of meetings.

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