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outruncancer nft campaign

If you have landed here, you are officially amazing too! Certainly out of the ordinary.

Ever since I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer in 2011, I have been on a personal running mission to raise awareness and funds in support of cancer prevention projects. 

The traditional approach of treating cancer by burning and poisoning the body remains mainstream with some degree of success in prolonging lives, albeit at terrible financial and human costs.
At least a third of all cancers can be avoided entirely or their risk drastically reduced, by simple lifestyle choices and changes to our diet. Let’s spell this out, not getting cancer in the first place, means avoiding altogether the suffering, trauma and financial impact of the person, his/her immediate family, friends and community. 
While the science community agrees on the benefit of an holistic approach through prevention and early detection, the investments to drive real change are minimal in comparison to other treatments and technologies which can be ultimately gain a patent. 

There is no magic pill. To overcome cancer we will need to implement multiple strategies where prevention has an enormous part to play. And that’s where I believe we can contribute, by changing the game. Someone has to take responsibility to push things forward; if not me, if not us, who else?

For the last 10+ years, my way to contribute to the cancer prevention has been through running crazy distances and bring others on the journey through OUTRUNCANCER events at corporates, health centres and public spaces and city squares.
I found my unique talent and creative call in the intersection between technology, running and charity. Right from the beginning, I setup to remove unnecessary, expensive and not valuable middlemen, by building OUTRUNCANCER own registration and fundraising platform, maximising the donations to research projects.

The dream has always been for OUTRUNCANCER to be a global movement and community making a dent in the world. And I believe that now it’s time. The evolution of blockchain technologies, crypto currencies and NFTs over the recent years, now offer the most disruptive, efficient and sustainable way to bring this dream to life.

The value I created to date, in monetary terms (~$1mil) for cancer prevention projects and in human terms as positive influence, inspiration, advocacy and drive for change, is only the tip of the iceberg. The real opportunity to positively impact people, society and change the narrative on cancer as the leading cause of death globally, remains untapped.
Why now? Because it is time.



In a nutshell, to become the leading global platform, raising funds for cancer prevention specific projects.
A decentralised engaging platform, powered by people sweat and desire to kick cancer in the arse. 

An exciting vision, not for the faint-hearted or those easily discouraged by the vast amount of work ahead which can’t even fit in a board 

The initial key deliverables are:

  • To establish an annual OUTRUNCANCER DAY with global challenges  (walking, running, riding,…) , to physically engage people, get their attention, raise awareness and donations at global scale. Think of it like a Movember condensed in a day, an annual Live Aid for cancer prevention. The work for the inaugural OUTRUNCANCER DAY in 2022 is well under way (new website design, new rego platform, etc – web 2.0) and will be marketed primarily to the Australian market where we have an existing large audience (>200,000) we can directly market to.
  • To establish year around challenges with unique features and offers and new ways for communities to connect and interact and spread awareness
  • To redesign our challenges and platforms to leverage web 3.0 technologies and culture by:
    • processing donations on blockchain, to transparently trace them from donors to the projects they support
    • using NFTs to provide special access to the outruncancer community and foundation, unlock unique challenges, physical merchandise, and offerings
    • launching an OUTRUNCANCER coin/token to sustain the ecosystem so 100% of donations can go to the cause
    • Reward people by converting sweat (kilometres, vertical climb, calories burnt, etc) into OUTRUNCANCER coins which can be traded within the community or donated to research.
  • To partner with research institutes globally and list prevention projects requiring funding with full transparency on funds use and project outcomes



I have chosen the use of NFTs, as our vehicle to fund the build and bootstrap the OUTRUNCANCER 3.0 platform from a technical, legal and community engagement perspective. 
The reality is that, while I have the commitment, knowledge and experience to accomplish all I am set out to do, I lack the funds and consequently the time to do so. The time to be solely dedicated to OUTRUNCANCER. The funds to surrounding myself with a small kick-arse A-team of core developers and experts to get this to market in the shortest amount of time. Cancer doesn’t wait around.

The NFT fundraising is setup to be in two stages – it is already available on Opensea collection
Stage 1, until 30/03 : Targeted to 2 Angel Investors 

  • 1 x MP4 Documentary World Record, longest distance run on a treadmill in 24 hours – Start bid price 50ETH
    In 2017 I broke the World Record for the longest distance run on a treadmill in 24 hours, and this is the documentary of the record. The documentary has been shown to festivals internationally, Australian TV, sports channels and it’s currently on-demand on Amazon Prime UK. As additional bonus, the first owner of the NFT will receive a 1 year running coaching from me and the physical record certificate.
  • 1 x MP4 Documentary World Record, longest distance run on a treadmill in 1 week – Start bid price 120ETH
    This documentary does not exist, yet. The current record of 842 km was set in 2019 and my attempt will take place in Australia within 8 months from the time the NFT is purchased, with a massive marketing campaign during the lead up and 24x7x7 live stream on Decentraland. The owner will gain all rights to the documentary and its distribution. Imagine the amount of social, press and media attention this attempt NFT backed up will generate, which will benefit the NFT asset and the OUTRUNCANCER mission.

Stage 2, sometime between 01/04 and 01/07 : Targeted to a larger group (5000-10000) of believers  

  • Generative OUTRUNCANCER avatar JPG: Unique, programmatically generated OUTRUNCANCER logo – Start bid price 0.01 ETH

Stage 3, after go-live: Targeted to supporters  

  • Tokens gaining privileged access to the community, special challenges and offerings, physical merchandise, etc..


You tell me!
I am ready to give it all to make a dent on cancer, build a community who cares, create value for everyone involved, achieve something extraordinary. Are you?
If you have the means to help us financially to get started and you see the value on OUTRUNCANCER, you know what to do.

If you have the interest, skills and would like to get involved even more seriously, reach out. 
Possibly a bit old style, drop me a line and let’s chat.

Run free
Luca Turrini 
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