OCTM 2016 Wrap up

Dear runners and donors,

I write this letter with immense gratitude and pride for what you have achieved in the name of OUTRUN CANCER.
OUTRUN CANCER is about running and cancer as much as it is about not giving up.

Even when life presents us with seemingly insurmountable hills, we know we can take on the challenge, one step at the time.
Yes, it’s overwhelming, sometimes terrifying and it feels like the world is crumbling under our feet. But we don’t give up.

Many of you have a very personal reason for participating to the Corporate Treadmill Marathon. This year’s record turnout, running times and fundraising are the natural outcomes of a genuine and absolute commitment to not giving up.

For all of us going through a rough patch, these are not just numbers. They are an incredibly powerful incentive to keep moving forward.
We are part of a collective who is just getting warmed up for the strong finish.

Thank you all and congratulations for a record year: 5 locations – over 400 runners – 02:11:11 fastest marathon…

Simply put… WE ROCK!

Run healthy, run free



Days after the event, donations are still coming in. To date, an amazing total of $113,370 (including expected dollar matching from some companies) has been raised to fund the development of a Healthy Lunchbox app in collaboration with Cancer Cancer NSW as part of their Eat to Beat It cancer prevention campaign.

You’ve all been incredibly supportive of this new project – one of the most ambitious we’ve embarked on so far! – and your generosity and enthusiasm is a confirmation for us that we’re on the right path.

The race on the fundraising front has been wonderful to watch. All teams have put a great effort but hands down to AMP “ES I Shake n Bake”, making a last move on CBA to reach the top of the leaderboard with $6,955 !
For the individual fundraising, top spot went to Glenn from CBA with an amazing $2,051 !
Well done everyone.

The section everyone was waiting for – The official running times!

The long standing record for the fastest marathon (02:34) was demolished this year by 2 teams.

On their third attempt, AMEX managed to break the 2:30 barrier, completing their marathon in 02:24:26.
Unfortunately for them, it was no match against the almighty running troop from AMP.
Drum rolling…. AMP Team 1 smashed the marathon in 02:11 !!
Anyone wanting a challenge for 2017?

(Splits are available here – AMP and other team splits to follow soon)


Check what the coordinators had to say about the event and relive the excitement of the day while flicking through our photo gallery!
Do you have some great shots of race day? Head to our Facebook page and share with us your best team moments.

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A big thank you to:

Macquarie Group Foundation
AMP Foundation ()
Cancer Council NSW
Goodlife Health Clubs
Fitness First
Evolution to Wellbeing
Balanced Bodies Lifestyle Clinic
Roccet Engraving
HealthyMama Magazine

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