Martin Place, Sydney – May 7th and 8th 2015

Ask any cancer sufferer, their families and friends – The battle against cancer is 24/7, 7 days a week, for weeks, months, years on end. There is no break or time off, no matter how exhausted or how hard and painful it may be.
And if in any other circumstance you would normally give up, when you are fighting cancer in first person, this thought doesn’t even cross your mind. You tap into that reserve of “extraordinary”, you didn’t know you had.

OUTRACE CANCER is a tribute to those who lost their battle, those who are in the middle of it and those who are about to start theirs. For all those people who decided to stand up to the disease and never ever give up.

But even more importantly, OUTRACE CANCER wants to send a message out – that avoiding cancer is possible, through prevention.

Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.. and we are here to prove it!

So here’s our crazy challenge. Running and riding for 24 hours. Non stop.

Why? Two reasons.

We are aiming to raise a minimum of $50,000 for the OUTRUN CANCER Scholarship – a 4 years study by Cancer Council on the connection of diet, physical activity and cancer. We believe this type of research is crucial and can actually save lives.

OUTRACE CANCER will take place in an iconic Sydney location, Martin Place. It is a huge opportunity to let people know what we are doing and why. If some crazy people are ready to spend 24 hours on a treadmill or spin bike to get your attention.. maybe it’s worthwhile listening to what they have to say!


So here’s what will happen on the day:

On treadmill #1: Luca, OUTRUN CANCER founder, will run for the whole 24 hours

On Bike #1: Scott, Al, John and Dave from Team Australia RAAM will take turns to ride for the whole 24 hours

On treadmill and bike #2: The HuRTS squad, running & riding for the whole 24 hours

On treadmill #3: The Runlab squad, taking turns running for 24 hours

On Bike #3: The Snow squad from New Castle, taking turns riding for 24 hours

On treadmill and bike #4: YOU! Interested in joining us with your work colleagues, friends, sport club .. for an hour or multiple of? Contact us

On treadmill and bike #5: Backup and VIPs! Yes you can participate if you are a VIP!


How can you support OUTRACE CANCER?

Why not be part of the crazy team? Corporates and sport clubs can join us in this challenge, running & riding for 1 hour or multiple of. If enough support is reached to cover 24 hours, we will add treadmills and bikes to the stage.

Please contact Luca or Scott for any information.

But if you can’t physically be there, there are many other ways to show your support. Share within your network – we want as many people as possible to know about the challenge.

Do you own a company or a sport club? Get your brand out there by becoming one of our sponsors!

In a way or another, if you share our passion for cancer prevention and fitness, we hope to hear from you.

Let’s OUTRACE CANCER together!

Download Official flyer (1.3 Mb)

DONATE  Support our cause with a donation.Every little bit counts!
JOIN  Get a team together with your friendsor colleagues and join our crazy team
COME DOWN  To Martin Place to support us on the dayIt would be nice to see some friendly faces!

Why “just” running or cycling for 24 hours when you can challenge yourself to more?

Running and riding for 24 hours straight is not enough for our teams. So, most teams have their additional challenges lined up:

Team Luca: Luca to run solo for 24hours straight
Team Australia Race Across America: simulating what they will do during the RAAM, the 4 men team will take turns every 20 minutes, to ride for 24hours at an average speed of 40km/h
Team HuRTS: In a team of 30, run over 400 km while recording the fastest first marathon.
Team Runlab: Record the fastest mixed marathon with a team between 6 and 10 runners with minimum of two females

TeamCompanyTotal Fundraising

Thank you to all supporters that made this event possible: