OUTRUN CANCER FUNdraising Toolbox

Many community based charities rely on public fundraising to operate and make a difference in the world. For a good reason too. Public fundraising is a very successful and sustainable way for people to embrace a cause they are passionate about and contribute to a larger vision.

Nowadays, many events have associated charity partners and ask people to commit to fundraise. At times, this may be felt like an extra effort, intimidating and can even put off people from participating in the first place.

At OUTRUN CANCER we certainly don’t want people to feel that way about taking back the responsibility and opportunity to live a cancer free life!

So we started a page to share tips, ideas and resources to put the FUN back into the fundraising, making it easier and more effective too.
Cancer is a serious topic but we can have fun while fighting it.

The four rules for effective fundraising



Stating the obvious here.. but take your time to understand what you are fundraising for. Why has the appeal started, who is going to benefit from it, what is the impact? Does it align with your core values? Is it something you believe in? This will drive the time and effort invested in fundraising. For OUTRUN CANCER we made it easy for you! Check WHY we do what we do, and HOW we are making a difference.


Who can you ask for a donation? If you put aside 5 minutes of your time to mindmap your social network (the real physical one), you will realise that the sky is the limit! Work colleagues and superiors, previous employer, family, friends, sport clubs, neighbours, postman, milkman, strangers.. they can all be potential supporters. The mindmap will show you the extent of your network and you can select the best audience for your pledge.

For the OUTRUN CANCER Corporate Treadmill Marathon we suggest you hit your colleagues for a donation. Especially those who are NOT running or those you supported in the past.


You know WHY you fundraise and you know WHO can support you. Now you need to work out a plan of action. Don’t underestimate this part, it is the key to success. From your mindmap, identify those that will certainly support your pledge and ask them first. They will get the ball rolling and set the example for others. Plan to target different groups of people at different time using the best tool for them: facebook, company newsletter or email, face to face, meetups at the pub or on the golf course! While you may be tempted to just post on the social network, we encourage you to tell people in person. If they see you glowing of excitement for the challenge and cause, they will be inspired to support you.


Having FUN is your number one priority here. If you have fun asking people to support you, you are gifting them first. With a smile. Think outside the box and try to be original .. sometimes the crazier the better! It will get people’s attention and they will support you just to see you doing whatever crazy thing you’ve committed to.
Remember, people do not donate because they feel they have to. They donate because they want to, and this gives them joy.
Do you have any suggestions you would like to share with our fundraisers? Have you run a successful fundraising campaign and would like to share your story? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

Some ideas to run with a smile


Run like a Gorilla

We mean.. dressed AS a gorilla! Or as Wonder Woman, with a wig, a tutu, or simply put together a crazy, fun outfit! Whatever you fancy and makes you (and others) smile. Plus it looks good in the photos (sometimes).


Go on.. Take a dare

Challenge your colleagues to run faster or longer than you do. The loser will have to commit to do something – from waxing his legs in public (ouch!) to paying a round of coffees for the whole team, these are easy and effective ways to awaken your competitive monster and get other people bet (donate) on the result!

Eat for a cause

oc-toolbox-sausage1This one is pretty easy – it’s hard to say no to a BBQ. Invite your friends over and ask them to contribute with a donation. This will give you a chance to talk to them about your challenge and you’ll feel like you’re giving something back for their support too.


Bake for a cause

Can you bake? Tempt your friends’ sweet tooth with some home-made treats. Send your colleagues an email and let them know there will be cupcakes for morning tea – oh you will be so popular!


Don’t take yourself too seriously

Especially if you have a senior position in your company or you manage a team, you can lose the tie or the title for one day and send a totally unexpected email asking for support. The wider the audience, the bigger the funnel for donations.


Climb your way to success

Commit to take the stairs to your floor instead of the lazy lift if people sponsor you. The more the stairs the higher the fundraising opportunity. And of course that’s awesome extra training for you!


Get out of your comfort zone

Let’s say that you are really stretching your comfort zone and physical ability to participate. Maybe you’ve never run before and a sprint to the bus stop is enough to turn you into a purple sweating mess. Tell everyone – they will sponsor you just to see if you survive! (And you’ll secretly become their inspiration too).


Play for a cause

Do you like Poker? Chess? Golf? Fishing? Ten pin bowling? Snooker? Trivia? ….. Organise a night out or a way to get everyone in the office involved. All for a small donation and to be crowned the King of ….


Dress up

Raise funds by committing to wear a bowtie every day for a whole week!
Apparently bowties also increase intelligence, good looks and sophistication…


Just Ask!!

How about just telling people why you are running for cancer prevention and ask for a donation?? As the old saying goes, If you don’t ask you don’t get ..


Share your cancer story

The most powerful of all the reasons to fundraise. If you are running because cancer has touched you or someone close to you, this reason in itself can move mountains.

Social media ideas

Facebook and Twitter feeds are great tools to spread the word about what you are doing and boost your fundraising… if you stand out from the crowd. Here some ideas on how to. Feel free to copy & paste and re-adapt to fit your pledge; remember to tag @outruncancer #octm #outruncancer we would love to see what people come up with!

And why not changing your FB Profile picture and FB Cover picture to OUTRUN CANCER leading up to the event?

Did you know that when you’re running the sweat and friction with the t-shirt may cause your nipples to bleed??
I didn’t… Damn! And I signed up to run a #TreadmillMarathon on March 20th! But it will be worth it if you #SponsorMe as I’m running for #CancerPrevention.
Here is my fundraising page – replace with URL for your fundraising page – please help me forget the pain and motivate me to run harder! #OCTM #OUTRUNCANCER

(pic1, pic2 high resolution )




I had this brilliant idea to sign up for the #OUTRUNCANCER #CorporateTreadmillMarathon challenge on March 20th. I will be running a marathon (42.2km) as part of a team during my lunch break!
My last training run was… um… running to the bus stop! And I almost passed out from the effort (not embarrassing at all!)
So I need your help and encouragement in terms of a donation: – replace with URL for your fundraising page -, please donate! For every $ I will run (or hang on) a little longer and maybe even run a little faster.
Thank you!
– Bolt

(pic1, Go here to get your face on Usain Bolt body!)

I thought they said RUM for 4 hours… but turns out they said RUN for 4 hours for #CancerPrevention.
So now I’m stuck, having to run my knees off on the treadmill to complete a marathon – 42.2km!!! In less than 4 hours, as part of a team (thank God for that!)
Can you help me get there with a donation to OUTRUNCANCER? – replace with URL for your fundraising page – … I may not be the fittest person but I want to give Cancer the run of its life!
Thank you!
(pic1, pic2 high resolution )




Only a good cause could get me running a marathon. Yes, you heard me right, a marathon**!!!
I’m taking part in the #OUTRUNCANCER #CorporateTreadmillMarathon, running for #CancerPrevention.
Can you help me get to the finish line??
– replace with URL for your fundraising page – your donation will get me run harder!
**it’s a relay marathon but I maintain the bragging rights!
Thank you!

(pic1, pic2 high resolution )

Ok, challenge is on.
I’m going to run down cancer taking part in the #OUTRUNCANCER #CorporateTreadmillMarathon challenge on March 20th.
It’s going to be hard, it’s going to hurt, but I won’t give up! I am running for – insert names of people you are running for – and for all those who will sponsor me – replace with URL for your fundraising page -. Please help and support me with your donations!
Thank you.

(pic1 high resolution )

Did you know we have a 3/6 chances to get cancer in our lifetime? (1/3 for women and 2/3 for men)
Did you know that 1/3 of all these cancers could be prevented with lifestyle choices? (physical activity, diet, bmi).
I’m taking a proactive step to make a difference in the race against cancer participating in the #OUTRUNCANCER #CorporateTreadmillMarathon challenge on March 20th .
Can you help me get to the finish line? I am running for – insert names of people you are running for –
Thank you!

(pic1 high resolution )

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