You ran the Corporate Treadmill Marathon, you ticked a box, you got the t-shirt and NOW WHAT?

How about joining the OUTRUNCANCER RUN CLUB and keep motivated and fit for the rest of the year?!

The ORC (which is an awesome abbreviation by the way) is an opportunity to connect with our amazing community and run together. The aim is to build friendships, fitness and keep each other accountable to train regularly, harder and take things to the next level if we wish.

The ORC is open to everyone.
If you are a previous participant in the Corporate Treadmill Marathon or not, whether you just started running or you are an Olympian, whatever your athletic background, you will find the sessions have something for you.
We welcome “park runners”, “road runners”, “trail runners” and “ultrarunning maniacs”!


If you run, you are a runner.
And if you are a runner we would love to see you take the role of run leader at some point.
So we will actively encourage everyone to actively participate in the sessions.

To kick things off, the following people have raised their hand.

Luca, OUTRUN CANCER Founder, ANSW level 1 coach and accomplished crazy ultra-runner, is the head coach responsible to design the sessions and in charge of all the communications. Luca is the right person to talk to if you have big goals and you want to create the right mindset to achieve them.
Jason, an inspired leader and founder of Movelife, who will share his wealth of knowledge and experience in corporate wellness on how to achieve optimal health and empower you with the tools to Make your Move! He is an accomplished runner and triathlete and his infectious passion and enthusiasm will drive you to be a high performer in all aspects of your life.
Alice, a seasoned runner, ANSW level 1 coach, little athletics squad coach and mother of three, knows how to fit in training and running fast, despite a very full life. Alice is constantly perusing efficiencies in her running to go faster with less effort, therefore, is a true believer in running drills. And she is probably the only one who can do them correctly.


Each run has a clear purpose and is part of an 8-week cycle to improve fitness. With a time trial on week-9 so you can track your progress.

We focus on correct running form, developing core strength and get people outside their comfort zone, running hills, interval sessions, stairs workouts, and a heap of more fun stuff!

Rain, hail, wind or sunshine, the sessions are on each Wednesday lunchtime between 12:10 PM and 1:00 PM, SHARP!
The meeting point will vary every week (to be inclusive to everyone) between Barangaroo, Botanical Gardens, ICC and will be communicated via email and on our Facebook group.
The sessions will follow the structure:

5 minutes: Mindfulness – Purpose of today’s session
10 minutes: Warm up and Strength exercises
30 minutes: Running specifics
5 minutes: Mindfulness – Reflections on today’s session

The training is divided into 8 weeks cycle.
Week 1 & Week 5: Build Base & Form (running drills, slower running)
Week 2 & Week 6: Build Strength (hills, stairs,..)
Week 3 & Week 7: Improve Speed (interval training)
Week 4 & Week 8: Build Endurance (long interval, long-running)
Week 9 is time trial!

Ideally, all runners will proudly wear their OUTRUN CANCER t-shirt or singlet. For those who don’t have one or would like a spare, they can request one after 4 consecutive sessions with the club.


We decided to charge a small fee of $4 per session – the cost of a coffee! – which will go to OUTRUNCANCER.
In this way, we think people are more likely to commit to the training and getting results.
The first 3 sessions are free; we want to be sure you absolutely love the sessions and find them useful.

We just ask you to either subscribe via Paypal for weekly $4 payments (first 3 sessions are free and you can cancel anytime) or pay as you go. The latter is a good option for those who can attend only sporadically, which is not ideal but we understand and trust you.


STEP 1: Subscribe via Paypal

The first three weeks are free and you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

Weekly payment of $4 starting from week 4:

Ad-hoc payment of $4 for a single session:

STEP 2: Join our FACEBOOK GROUP to befriend with other ORC Runners

STEP 3: Sign up to our mailing list to keep in the loop with communications, running plans, training tips and other articles.

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STEP 4: SHARE it will your friends and workmates!

For any question, just contact us
See you out there!