Male team

This team has some of the best male elite runners in Australia! They have the talent, the courage and the passion to take on such a big task for a worthy cause.

  • Jeff Hunt

    Jeff holds the record for the 11th fastest marathon in Australian all-time history, with a time of 2:11:00. He represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games, World Championships and Olympic Games. @jeffreyhunt82

  • Ben St Lawrence

    Two times Olympian on the 10,000 meters, and current Australian record holder for the 10,000, Ben is the head coach at Runcrew @bennysaint

  • Martin Dent

    Marathoner who ran for Australia at the 2012 Olympics, the last three Commonwealth Games and numerous world championships. Now trying to master orienteering@martydent

  • Dani Andres

    Endurance runner, cyclist and triathlete, Dani is the head coach and the inspiring driving force and pure grit man behind Pulse Performance

  • David Criniti

    David Criniti has loved to run long for a long time, & knows the benefits of running lie far beyond putting one foot in front of the other

  • Brendan Davies

    2016 Australian Ultra Runner of the Year, Brendan is an incredibly fast all terrain runner and an inspiring friend and coach at Upcoaching @brendan_davies

  • Matthew Cox

    Local distance runner who races anything from 5k to a Marathon. Recently placed 3rd in the Australian Marathon Championships. Runs for Brooks

  • Luke Schofield

    Developed and training with Pulse Performance since 10 years old, Luke is a national level athlete in cross country, athletics and triathlon ready to take this ability onto the treadmill for one of his biggest challenges yet

  • Jayden Schofield

    Also a Pulse Performance athlete since the tender age of 10, Jayden, now 18, is a national level cross country runner, triathlete, and track runner who loves adventure, challenge and chasing down his twin brother Luke.

  • Tim Watts

    Tim is a keen talented long distance runner with the Pulse Performance squad and a full-time teacher in Sydney. Tim clocked a PB of 2:48 for the Melbourne Marathon and is always looking for a challenge!

  • Jason Ibrahim

    Accomplished triathlete and runner, Jason is always ready to step out his comfort zone and push boundaries to inspire others and raise funds for a good cause

  • Andrew Heyden

    7 times representing Australia in the 100km road championship, Andy must be the runner with the biggest smile around, no matter the distance or pace!

The Record

And the male team delivered in style! The crowd was in absolute awe of these fantastic athletes running at uber fast pace, making switching at 18km/h look like the easiest thing to do! Running over 10 marathons back to back to back (almost a marathon each!) the 12 runners set the records to a mindblowing distance of 424.63km! Read report here

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