Admittedly, as event organisers we have a ball at every Corporate Treadmill Marathon. We feed off the positive and high energy vibe of everyone involved, from the runners to the supporters and all the volunteers. We stay in a high for few days after the event and we can’t stop ranting about it.

But what is everyone else saying about the event?

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“OUTRUN CANCER is an amazing charity and the Treadmill Marathon is a genius idea, I’m so pleased I entered a team. It proved a very attainable way to gain sponsorship from across our organization and also have a great time in the process! It was a very well organized event and the sense of achievement our team felt was immense. I can’t wait to enter a take part again.”
Paul Thompson | American Express

“I am amazed, I didn’t expect so many people. The atmosphere is fantastic. We should all be crying because it’s so tiring but everyone is smiling. Next year I’ll be back and bring another team!”
Fernando Pinheiro | Macquarie Bank

“On the 17th February 2012 Goodlife Health Club Shelley Street held the first Corporate Marathon for Luca Turrini in his support to Ourun Cancer. It was the lead up to his Mammoth Marathon that he was planning in Italy, to run 20 marathons in 29 Days, and he did it!
The entry lines were opened a few weeks before the event, but quickly closed off within hours filling the limited spaces.
Goodlife Shelley Street was abuzz with approx. 90 runners. It was an amazing afternoon starting at 12pm, and the supporters filled the Club to cheer on their Teams. It created such a community spirit in the Club, as well as having people visit the Club for the first time.
Goodlife Shelley Street felt such a sense of pride to be involved in this amazing event, and look forward to again in 2013. To think that we assisted in Luca raising over $40k is a wonderful achievement.”
Elle McCabe | General Manager GoodLife Healthclub Shelley Street Sydney

“OUTRUN CANCER is one of the most fun charity events I have ever participated in…such good fun for such a good cause…definitely doing it again next year and for those who have never heard of it, put a team in and see you at the run next year!”
Sunny Sirabas | Careers Multi List

“It all started as trying to help raise some money for a very worthy cause and helping a friend but it ended up helping me also get very fit. The event gave me the push I needed and I have been running and have joined the gym since and beat my expectations in the city2surf event. So, do yourself a favour and participate!”
Atul Prasad | Macquarie Bank

“It’s the team building, the cause, the place we are doing it, the environment, the atmosphere.. I think it all came together very nicely.”
Runner from | Lesters Associates

“The OUTRUN CANCER event was one of the best organised running-charity events I have been part of. The close involvement of the founders of the event, the personal message they brought to its cause, the fantastic build-up to the event every year and the festive atmosphere during the run itself lends it to an enjoyable team activity for a very worthy cause”
Saraansh Mehta | Macquarie Bank

Presentations and motivational talks

“Luca was the first speaker at our Inspiring People Sessions – Group Procurement CBA, aimed to encourage and cultivate “intra-preneurship” among employees, and what a great way to start! His presentation was engaging and took us all through a journey where, at the end, everyone felt they could also achieve something meaningful in both personal and professional lives.”
“His positive energy and attitude towards challenges are absolutely contagious!”
“Great session if you are looking to get that extra boost of confidence to kick-start a project”.
Nuno Leite | Commonwealth Bank Australia